World’s Largest Crane Migration Lands in Nebraska

(PRWEB) March 14, 2005

Forbes magazine deemed Grand Island, Nebraska as the? # 1 place in the world for bird watchers? and? s easy to see why. Each year from mid-February to early April, nearly half a million cranes travel to Grand Island and Kearney area to rest and refuel as they complete their annual migration. The 60 mile stretch in central Nebraska along the Platte River turns into a gathering place for the largest concentration of cranes in the world?? Nearly 80 percent of the world? S population of cranes makes a stop in Nebraska.

Most cranes of this long break comes in the midst of their 10,000-mile migration to Canada and the Arctic Circle.

Cranes have made this trip to Nebraska, since the last ice age, but the family members of the cranes have been there longer. A fossil dating from crowned crane 8? 10 million years was discovered in 1920 at the Ashfall Fossil Beds in northern Nebraska.

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