Ten Health Benefits of Lord Vinayaka?s Favorite Fruit

Wood apple which is also called elephant apple, monkey or fruit is a favorite of elephants. No wonder it is offered to the elephant-headed Hindu God, Lord Vinayaka, as an offering favorite. The apple wood is a colorless, fruits round, about 10cm in diameter, hard rind or pericarp. Each piece of wood-apple tree leaves, flowers, immature and ripe fruit, peel, gum, roots and the bark is used for medical purposes. The interior pulp is brown with white seeds and has a characteristic odor. Hollow pulp can be eaten raw, with or without sugar. Siddha and Ayurveda systems use this medicinal product for a large number of medical preparations.

health benefits of apple wood Ten

1) Wood Apple the best cooler

Wood apple lowers body heat and gives new energy to the nerves. Gum apple wood is used as an ointment to relieve irritation of the skin.

2) Removes kidney stones

apple wood consumption is consistently good for the kidney. Ancient Indian medical science to recommend one of the best natural ways to get rid of kidney stones.

3) Treats eye problems

As the wood of apple contains carotene, which is beneficial to health eye, this fruit is suggested to keep your eyes in a healthy state. It can also improve the power of vision in addition to maintaining healthy eyes. Fomentation with a pad (wrapped in a piece of cloth) of tender leaves can cure roasted red eyes.

4) leaves resolve respiratory

The leaves of the apple wood to be used effectively prevent a common cold or for treating respiratory disorders. The fruit is effective in relieving sore throat and chronic cough.

5) Heal peptic ulcer

Regular consumption of wood-apple-leaf decoction relieves peptic ulcer disease. The leaves are soaked overnight in water and the next morning the leaves are filtered and the filtered liquid is drunk. Eat fresh pulp of the apple wood can also relieve pain and heal peptic ulcer disease.

Juice of tender leaves of apple wood, mixed with milk and sugar gives an excellent effect in the treatment intestinal disorders of children.

6) beneficial in the treatment of disorders of the stomach

As the apple wood contains tannin, it treats digestive disorders such as chronic diarrhea, dysentery and pain stomach. The bark of the tree contains a gum called Feronia, which is mixed with honey and given to relieve upset stomach. The first, wood pulp without apple seed can be crushed and can be given with cardamom, honey and cumin seeds to resolve indigestion.

7) constipation remedy Flowers

The flowers of apple wood have dried and powdered. It is administered to patients with constipation.

8) Treats anemia

Wood apple fruit is good for purifying blood and helps cure anemic conditions. Apple wood powder made with candy strengthens the body with new energy and is very effective to treat anemia.

9) Improves male

Wood apple has aphrodisiac properties and excellent is especially beneficial for men. He treats premature ejaculation effectively, impotence and spermatorrhoea.

10 reduction of health) for women

It is also beneficial for women. It is said that this prevents the problems of work after. It cures infertility due to hormone deficiency and may even cure breast and uterus. A mixture of wood pulp ripe apple, cardamom, honey and cumin seeds, taken regularly in the morning can also invigorate sagging breasts.

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