Sunbrella Sheers Change the View in New High Performance Fabrics at Calico Corners

(Vocus) June 23, 2008

Do not worry about sticky fingers and dirty hands touching the curtains. If they are made of Sunbrella sheers new high performance, they are easy to clean. And also very resistant to fading and durable. “These curtains are perfect texture for outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces, and can help reduce the glare of the sun of the afternoon,” noted January Jessup, national spokesperson for Calico angles .

grommet panels pure can be used to define an outdoor space. They can also soften a porch or pergola with sculptural lines of cascading fabric. “The texture of the weave curtains designed for easy cleaning and allow water to flow through? They are ideal for outdoor d? Cor,” said Jessup.

“These Sunbrella sheers are a natural extension of the indoor-outdoor fabrics available by the hundreds in Calico Corners and Calico Home stores across the country,” said Jessup. What exactly are high performance fabrics? They do not receive the applause at the end of their race, but Sunbrella fabrics for interior and exterior are washable with soap and water, they are resistant to fading, mold and mildew resistant and extremely durable. If stubborn stains, you can even use a bleach solution to clean, such as acrylic fabrics are not affected by bleach.

“In recent years, Sunbrella fabrics have undergone a transformation,” said Jessup. “Formerly available in canvas textures that were stiff as a board, they are now woven in elegant damask textures, soft fuzzy caterpillars, stunning jacquard designs and silky sheers, solids and stripes.” There is even a Sunbrella velvet now , she said.

What makes acrylic fabrics so durable is the nature of the wire. It is dyed before it is extruded, so that the color goes all the way through, similar to how a carrot looks like when you decide. The fiber is extremely fine and silky, so it can be spun into a wide range of son and then woven as many types of tissue.

“dressed Sunbrella textures are perfect for dining room chairs and kitchen banquettes,” suggested Jessup. “It’s nice to know that the soil in a chocolate cake will come straight after the guests have left. ” The light textures of Sunbrella are also good for bedding and furnishing of the animals as free. “It’s easier to turn your d? Cor that your dog again, “she said. “Life is to live, to surround themselves with home furnishings easy to maintain, which will lower your stress level.”

If you like leave out cushions on an outdoor patio, Jessup also recommends having made with quick-drying foam ocean, available in stores Calico Corners. He poured water easily, it has anti-microbial additives, anti-fungal to prevent mold. Marine Foam does not degrade when exposed to humidity or hot weather. “However, if you can protect your cushions from the elements when not in use, they last longer,” she advised.

Another advantage of having a pillow and cushion covers custom Calico Corners is the ability to use acrylic exterior trim? twisted cords, brush fringes, braids and beaded trim casual. “These seals add a special touch finish and they are quite affordable,” said Jessup. “They are also useful in design projects for interior rooms, due to their care without attributes.”

Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2008, Calico Corners provides expert advice, decorating solutions and consulting on the design at home in more than 100 stores across the country. In addition, consumers will find designer fabrics for the home, trims, window treatments custom, blinds, shades and upholstery. Thousands of fabrics are now available online. For more information on the corners of Calico or Calico Home products and services or to find the location nearest store, visit or call (800) 213 -6366.


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Calico Corners

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