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premature ejaculation:

premature ejaculation (PE) is commonly called the ‘rapid ejaculation is a condition often encountered in men who are between 30-40 years age groups. The description of the disease by physicians who specialize in diseases of male sexual dysfunction, refers to a situation when the ejaculation of semen takes place well before the female partner climax causing a feeling of dissatisfaction of the male partner. Premature ejaculation pill may be of assistance as a first line treatment.

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Factors affecting

Duration of intercourse:

As for the duration of sexual intercourse is concerned, it varies from couple to other factors such as conditions of confidentiality surrounding . Occasional instead of taking the PE is not a problem, but the rate of premature ejaculation is 50% or more in attempted sexual intercourse, it confirms sexual dysfunction requiring treatment with PE pills, which are very effective and safe to use, given the herbal formulation.

There are situations where the male partner ejaculates in about 10 minutes and the female partner has an orgasm in minutes 6-7 and both feel satisfied with the event.

> In another situation the male partner is able to delay ejaculation to about 22 minutes, while his female partner gets orgasm after 38 minutes, it can not be termed as premature ejaculation. The female partner had enough time in sex. It is necessary to take further before beginning sexual relations.

Most female partners are not in a position to peak only by vaginal penetration. The situation is delay in achieving peak instead of the PE of the male. In most cases PE pills to provide the help they need

solve the problem.

> The alternative is to take down a complete history of both sexual partners to analyze the same for the right remedy.

There are certain criteria describing premature ejaculation as mentioned below.

ejaculation takes place on the persistence of sexual arousal
not just the few minutes after penetration or penetration well before the person wishes to ejaculate
sense of Appreciable dissatisfaction. . or having interpersonal problems
There is no direct effects causing premature ejaculation

human sexual response has defined three phases namely:

Desire called libido. Start
and achieve great excitement called excitation. Finally

Based on the above sexual problems were classified into four categories: ..

primary sexual disorder
General Medical
sexual anomaly related disorder Substance-induced sexual disorder
Un-specified sexual disorder ..

All categories above have disorders involving problems in the above phases of desire, arousal and orgasm. Good position to try pills premature ejaculation.

PE may be primary or secondary. For primary premature ejaculation to people who suffer, as they reached puberty.

Secondary PE is related to people who were well first have proper ejaculatory control. Due to unknown factors, they began to ejaculate prematurely on. Secondary premature ejaculation medical condition is not abnormal. It was also not related to substance use.

hyperexcitability can possibly be due to the use of psychotropic drugs, which can be corrected after the withdrawal of such medicine.

Ejaculation> premature usually falls into the category of indeterminate condition due to no indication of the cause. Perhaps there is a psychological role of the person, rather than any other consideration anomaly


PE is most likely psychological disorder and there is no presence of any organic disease in which the male reproductive tract or lesions in the brain tissue or nervous system itself.

reproductive organs, which have a direct effect on premature ejaculation is the male reproductive system consists of the penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, testes, and their appendices in addition to parts of central and peripheral nervous system in control of the male reproductive tract.

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