Per Inquiry Cable and TV Advertising Now Measured Down to the Household

Madison, WI (PRWEB) February 21, 2010

Last Second Media announced the first open system to calculate reliable rates by survey of market values ​​with LaserCable?. Television direct response (DRTV) system eliminates the stigma of testing networks, cost per action (CPA) and provides a direct input-output experiment to DRTV advertisers for the broadcast of an investigation (PI) per.

programs PI and CPA, national advertisers do not pay for cable and advertising instead of TV broadcasting to pay only for each lead or call. With this new test IP LaserCable? further simplifies the placement of advertising across the media landscape today is highly fragmented by calculating advertising rates for advertisers PI quite small and medium size.


? Last Second Media is a beta program for two years which allows customers to access and cable television advertising time via satellite to residual levels. The unique advantage is no longer paying a fixed rate for broadcast advertising, but pay for the number of households who actually see the direct response commercial television. LaserCable? Nielsen Ratings bypasses inaccurate and implements a real audience to literally broadcast every household level.

LaserCable? platform is a significant size with a national footprint covering 27 million households satellite and cable platforms. It is no longer biased results by PI response by diffusion test cable in rural areas of Texas or in low-income areas of Arkansas. ? Calculation of rates for television advertising inquiry are no longer a mystery? Black box?. This is the golden ladder of media for advertising and DRTV IP? says Frank Pournelle, President of Media Inc. last second. ? IP networks can no longer put their thumb on the scale to artificially raise the cost per lead and advertisers can make a real idea of ​​the profitability of a national IP.?

previously negotiated national advertisers in the dark, at a cost in the real world lead, cost per call or cost per order for their campaign of individual PI. Instead of relying on dubious viewers estimated or cost per thousand (CPM), even using the calculations or a race on the schedule (ROS) released into the night on the networks unknown LaserCable? offers third of the reports down to the actual number of viewers per time slot.

As an alternative to payment by purchasing local cable unsold time, Last Second Media customers now pay just $ 4 CPM for a: 60 commercial or $ 3 CPM for a: 30 commercial on a national basis.

LaserCable? $ 6000 a test IP buys exactly 2 million impressions on a: 30 spot. Move forward to a pure IP broadcast or CPA is calculated as $ 6,000 divided by the response test. Response can be controlled through toll free numbers or web.

The client

commercial trials of Time Warner, Dish Network and DirecTV by a system called counter GIMPS – Printing Gross Metered programming system.

benefits G.I.M.P.S. LaserCable from? include:

?? Pay only for viewers dosed
?? Reduce distribution costs
?? Reach target demographic

Very affordable and measurable LaserCable? Last Second Media helps clients optimize their advertising campaigns more effective than ever. With LaserCable?, Customers define their investment criteria place to locate the points available in the programming that meets their criteria for the most optimal target. This offer target and reach the exceptionally high efficiency within the advertiser? S budget


? performs data-driven media buying, to give the chief officer of marketing more efficient and responsible platform to reach their audience on all available networks and programs. It optimizes the advertiser? S buy to achieve the highest composition of the target audience for the most effective price with near real-time data. In many cases LaserCable? identifies the inventory is more valuable than an inventory of ROS from a media buy based on demographics or large wide delivery.

Use of this aggregated set-top box allows anonymous data LaserCable? to find an audience more engaged. LaserCable? is a market based print media that reduces the complexity of advertising to find the sweet spot of profitability. It also helps to drive low-cost growth by providing an opportunity for advertisers to small and medium-size to take advantage of the market with an easy placement in a timely manner at a rate scalable and cost-effective advertising.

LaserCable Why?

LaserCable? stocks used in ways that are revolutionizing television advertising. LaserCable? provides unparalleled audience and uses aggregated, anonymous viewers to ensure accountability of advertising and ROI. The actual counting of impressions creates a closed loop, the return on investment based on the model of the media and replace back-end reconciliation. The secret is that LaserCable? provides near real-time reports reaching.


The use of global data set-top box allows anonymous LaserCable? to find a more engaged public that are not measured by traditional TV ratings business.

Ease of deployment

LaserCable? manages the complexities of planning targeted ads and active media placements and monitoring, reporting and billing for each ad, including affidavits of performance.

About last second

Media Inc.

Located in Madison, WI, Last Second Media specializes in direct response advertising using cost per action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL), pay per lead, pay per call and per inquiry marketing by television, radio, newspaper, YellowPages and online advertising.

As a direct marketing agency, LSM has shown imagination and stir the emotions, creating desire and the establishment of personal relationships between businesses and consumers nationwide. Their advertising draws more response and less expensive. By practicing a science of advertising relationship with the intervention profitable, LSM boosts revenues and customers increase the return on investment. This relieves the frustration of the client with powerful advertising that produces highly qualified leads for participating companies.


: – Last Second Media, Inc.

Frank Frank Pournelle 1-800-334-4500 (at) LastSecondMedia (dot) com

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