Over Masturbation Side Effects And Remedies

masturbation is now considered a normal, healthy sexual activity that is pleasant, satisfactory, acceptable and safe. Masturbation is not at all dangerous, unless you make a regular habit. Most men tend to masturbate frequently (almost daily). This activity can bring pleasure temporarily but has many side effects involved. Including

Blurred vision Hair loss and thinning hair loss, muscular body and low back pain Mild penile erection Premature ejaculation testicular pain Leaks seminal

The human body is set so that he must get rid of old sperm periodically. This is why most men do not masturbate too often experience the night (wet dreams). Masturbate once a week is desirable, but during masturbation is addictive sexual in a person who is very bad. The way they look at women, their thoughts, everything changes because of this dependence. I mean it deviates in a negative way.

The practice of masturbation in can be avoided by following these steps.

Drink plenty of water Avoid watching pornographic films Get involved in any game / sport where you can burn huge amounts of calories (such as football, basketball, cricket, etc.).

Do your best to divert your mind away from sex. First make your overcoming the habit. Whatever you do, it all depends on your state of mind.

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    bruv i couldnt find the link u mentioned “natural training programme”?

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