Over 450 Patients Now Toenail Fungus Free Thanks to Your Next Step?s New Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Technology

Ardmore and Paoli, PA (Vocus) May 5, 2010


Ricefield Eric and Mark Yagodich? podiatrists to your next step in Ardmore and Paoli, Pennsylvania? enthusiastically announce that their new FootLaser PinPointe, they have now successfully treated over 450 patients suffering from nail fungus. Rice field and Yagodich began using this new technology in June 2009 and now have exclusive rights to FootLaser PinPointe in eastern Pennsylvania.

developed in California in September 2008, the PinPointe FootLaser is nothing short of a breakthrough in the treatment of fungal nail infections onychomycosis? commonly known as nail fungus. Research shows that this new technology? that fungal spores sprayed integrated into the nail bed? successfully treats fungus in about 70% percent of patients with a time of 30 minutes the procedure without side effects. Oral antifungal agents are only 60 to 70 percent effective and should be taken daily for months, while the topical creams and sprays a simple work from eight to twelve percent of the time. Thus, the PinPointe FootLaser has revolutionized the field of removal toenail fungus. Your next step was waiting for a response like this to treat toenail fungus and it is finally here.

After the procedure, patients typically do not know the success rate of treatment for about six to nine months? the length of time it takes for the nail to grow back. Since rice and began using the Yagodich PinPointe FootLaser last summer, they are now to see the impact that their success is a new technology decisions. It is no longer a new technology and proven time and again in the pursuit of treating toenail fungus. In this regard, Dr. Yagodich say? The laser is a proven technology with the highest rate of long-term effectiveness.? And if the PinPointe FootLaser must still be approved by the FDA, Ricefield is confident? Just look at all the things that are done regularly now. LASIK, for example. It isn t is approved.?

For more information, please visit http://www.yournextstep.net

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