How to Last Longer in Bed For Men – Read This First

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After searching a number of years of solutions for premature ejaculation, I finally found some ideas that can really work for you. Check them out below and see how you go.

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When you stay connected with your partner during sex, you will stand a better chance to last longer in bed. This is because your body can be in harmony with your body using some methods that can allow you to prolong ejaculation. There are a number of things you can try to help him. You can try to get your breath in sync with hers since the beginning of sex and try to keep time with her during the process of making love. This will subconsciously help you in tune with the pace and help you last longer ..

It all started when I was 17 and had sex for the first time. I could not control myself with a girl named Joanna, and from there it has tormented me for years. He embarrassed me and prevented from enjoying the one thing that everyone loves – sex

I remember one time I slept with my girlfriend with me and we heard sounds …

We soon realized it was actually neighbors with a little fun in the room! The next thing I know, I’m busy doing with my girlfriend too …

After my “mistake” we were lying there in bed (Joanna and I) and we could here the standard is still for the next half an hour! The embarrassment and shame that I could not satisfy my partner when everyone was unbearable might …

I made a promise that I seek every possible means to cure premature ejaculation … And I treat him for good. !? And I

So how can men really last longer in bed

Before I tell you exactly what you need to do to last longer, I must first tell you this: There a lot of misinformation out there so be careful who you choose to listen
Mental State – Your mind controls the release of a substance called serotonin, which is a chemical released in the brain just before ejaculation. You must exercise your mental state so that this chemical is not released too early

State Physics

-. There is a set of muscles (called Kegel muscles) that are used to ejaculation. These muscles open up as you are about to ejaculate. You need to train these muscles to strengthen them


-. Hormones are often unbalanced men who suffer from premature ejaculation. You need to take a close look at your diet and, if necessary, supplement with essential fatty acids to help regulate your hormone levels.

These days, women need to be satisfied in bed, it’s not like the good old days when a woman was not bothered whether she has an orgasm or not. Therefore it is imperative that you learn to last longer in bed for men naturally.

Here are two ways you can last longer in bed, and please the woman sexually demanding.

Stop and start


Really this simple but very effective and had the added advantage that your lover will not know that you are trying to control your ejaculation while having sex. Just to make love until you feel like you’re almost ready to ejaculate then stop and pleasure with your tongue or fingers until you feel ready to continue, and then try again. In fact, it will get more pleasure from this and you will last longer naturally.

Give it a squeeze.

How to last longer in bed for men naturally articles always contain this point and for good reason because when done correctly the compression technique can add a good amount of time for sex, enough for him to a climax before you ejaculate anyway. Here’s what you do, have sex until you’re at a moment of ejaculation, then pull and apply pressure on the tip of your penis. Press until you are ready to continue, you will find the amount of time between cuts extends the more you practice.

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