How to Last Longer in Bed During Sex With Partner

Increase masturbation

compression technique

In order to obtain temporary relief from PE, you just have to press below the head of your penis.


The unique and inexpensive to last longer in bed during sex is the use of condoms. By using condoms, you can minimize the sensation of penetration that can help delay the ejaculation.

Urinate before sex

Some research has shown that many men tend to have PE if they do not empty their bladder before sex. So be sure to urinate before going for sex to last longer in bed.

Herbal Supplements PE

Herbal Supplements PE help last longer in bed, increasing the retention time. These supplements you delay ejaculation giving natural control of the ejaculation process. It works without showing any side effects. Herbal supplements ejaculation premature improve your sexual stamina and energy. Unlike some other method of treating PE, herbal products are totally safe. Thus, it is always better to opt for a natural remedy to last longer in bed rather than a synthetic drug.

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