Dude Married & Mista Play: Text Message at Night

Married guy sleeps. Or rather, is in this state of pre-sleep, when the least important things make more sense for him. It compares the overall performance of Stephen Wright joke: The comedian asked his audience to imagine leaning back on both legs of a bar stool in a balancing act. He then deadpan, “I feel like this all the time.”

Married Man

certainly feels that way now. With two toes touching the calf combustion of Women, he clings to what he would reluctantly let go in exchange for as short a blissful silence of thoughts. And with each passing grades in his eyes, he lets go.

And, as expected, the cell phone rings.

In protest, the woman moves her calf away from his touch. Married man knows only too well that we should not get up to answer. The appellant, however, is not impressed with this option: A text message follows. This guy, married will check on time. But first he needs to show some form of discontent. A grunt. Then, “Fucking drunks.” There, that will do. The woman must now be convinced, he hopes, that the status quo was the best option. Now it is safe to get up and check the message.

The message says: “Got two girls ready to go. Need help. At the helm.” It is, of course, play Mista. A real call to action, which in the past would have woken Guy Married for complacency. Now all he can do is look at the letters of his phone, unable to form an opinion on the issue.

He began to pace

: This helps Married Man thinks. Not that he is considering all options. There’s really only one, so it can not even call it an option. But before he goes back to bed, he will indulge a little in the idea of ​​a tag team with the game on the duo Mista ready youth.

Nah, Mista The game is far too vile to be included in tag team action. The fantasy must be a trio. There is better: four breasts, arms, lips enough of everything, and all the will in the world to go to work on these pieces of happiness. The ends of stimulation.

Back to bed, seeking women, now withdrawn in the most inaccessible corner of the bed in protest further. But he knows how to find and reassure her that everything is as it should.

The post has been removed. Soon the memory of what could have let the mind Mec married. Erased all evidence, there will be nothing to point all blame on him, or leave or cause any trace of guilt, nor any kind of suspicion of the idea that he somehow away from its commitments to the Women and the citadel of marriage.

If there was a suspicion of cheating as it was probably to blame on this libertine and seducer Mista Play, which is now more likely showing the two ladies at the time of their young lives. And as recently as this last thought is achieved, down sleeping fortunately Married Man.

1987 Elektra Records Let Me know If U Have Any Request!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Dude Married & Mista Play: Text Message at Night

  1. dopeboydrama says:

    im trying to catch princess and the frog after this

  2. UnderTheRadar78 says:

    Question of the day: Remember the time when music made you move deep within the soul? 


    Free Earl

  4. 3aav3 says:

    @stuylocster He used his Christmas money.

  5. MirageMC says:

    Ooooh!!! A lot of memories!!!!

  6. elektroindi says:

    I was rockin K Sweat since 1990. Those were the days. Forever last in my mind.

  7. StylistecS says:

    @shayshonuff504 Jackie mcgee

  8. sonia1377 says:


  9. stuylocster says:


  10. davinaamorelove says:

    @roughneckcsx Lmaoooo Rite !

  11. babygirl15846 says:

    Ayye I Jst Turn 17 & This Is My Song ! 🙂 I Love Keith Sweat.

  12. Ifeanyi32 says:

    Brought here from OF

  13. pennyz2cute says:

    The Summer of ’87-’89 “Make it last forever” in deep East Oakland-this was the ish! One of the anthems in the ghettos. It brings back so many good memories as a youngster.

  14. Martin4083 says:

    This song brings back good memories!!

  15. Addiskrilla says:

    Was anybody in high school when this came

  16. CUDDY412SWAGG says:

    How could you ever dislike music like this? i wish music today sounds like this

  17. shayshonuff504 says:

    @edscottable her name is Jackie forgot her last name

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