Curtains for Superbug

(PRWEB) June 30, 2005

An official report released today recognizes the potential usefulness of a simple disposable hospital curtain of patient privacy.

For years we have been cleaning bedside lockers, disinfecting mattresses and washing the floors and around the patient with the same old dirty curtains that, in some cases, a haven of peace? t been changed in over a year. The adverse effects of this were felt not only on doctors? Ward rounds when patients are controlled on the outside of a review and injuries? invasive? procedures such as inserting catheters and infusion applied. At such times the level of dust? Dead skin? in the air were recorded at record levels as the curtains are systematically? noise? around the patient.

Centre for Innovation and development of health care have independently verified the new system and found that in a typical hospital beds in 1000, savings of over £ 200.00 can be achieved in the first year alone compared with conventional curtains.

Laurence Marshall, Chief Executive of the Midlands-based company that invented and manufactures the product indicated? We are bound by contract not to comment on the results of governments, but suffice it to say that we are all delighted to report that confirms what we have been told in hospitals for years.? He added? The curtains are about 100 times faster than normal to fit curtains, are self-audit under because they have a big label showing patients and staff exactly when they last changed, they? Re independently proven to be profitable and now they can be coated with a bactericidal resulting in a form? second line of defense? participating actively kill bacteria while the curtains are in place.?

Hospitals in the private sector quickly recognized the financial benefits of the system that eliminates the massive capital cost of purchasing normal curtains and gets rid of laundry costs while significantly reducing ongoing work.

the NHS, it takes much longer to introduce new ideas because, although the savings are obvious, he? is not always easy for them to see which is the economy. Nevertheless, more than 100 hospitals now using the system that is fast becoming the best practice available and should significantly contribute in the fight against nosocomial infections.

For more information:

Laurence Marshall

0121 783 5777 (office)




Rapid Review Panel

Health Protection Agency Central Office

7th Floor

Holborn Gate

330 High Holborn



Tel: 020 7759 2700 / 2701

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