Classification of Sexual Disorders

sexual disorders can be classified into four types.

Gender identity disorders. The psychological and behavioral disorders
associated with the development and sexual maturation Paraphilias. Sexual Dysfunctions .

ICD-10, the first three are listed under disorders of adult personality and behavior and sexual dysfunctions are listed last under the behavioral syndromes with
physical factors.

identity disorders gender

They are characterized by disturbances in gender identity, meaning the sense of his masculinity or femininity is disturbed. This group includes

a.Transexualism including male or female,
primary or secondary types of transsexuality.

b.Gender identity disorder of childhood.

C ‘ is a disorder similar to transsexualism with a very early age of onset

C. Dual role transvestism.

It is characterized by wearing clothes of the opposite sex in order to benefit from the experience temporary membership of the opposite sex, but without any desire to change sex permanent.

d . Inter sexuality including sex-related inherited />
psychological and behavioral disorders associated with sex

Disorder of sexual maturation.

This disorder usually begins in adolescence and is characterized by uncertainty about sexual orientation leading to anxiety and depression.

Egodystonic sexual orientation.

sexual orientation is clear, but
it is the desire to change direction because of distress or other psychological factors
. This is common among homosexuals.

sexual dysfunction

This is a significant disruption in the sexual response cycle, which is not due to a cause underlying organic. It includes,

1. Disorders of the appetitive phase

hypoactive sexual desire disorder

It is characterized by the absence of fantasies and desire for sexual activity. It is more common in females and was formerly known as frigidity. The prevalence of this disease increases with age.

Sexual Aversion Disorder

the thought of sexual activity is seen as negative sentiment in the subject. A history of sexual abuse or maltreatment may be the triggering factor of previous unsatisfactory sex can also end here.

Excessive sexual drive

Satyriasis in men and nymphomania in women are placed here

2. Disorders of the excitement phase and plateau

male erectile disorder Female sexual arousal disorder

3. Disorders orgasmic phase

Men orgasmic disorder Female orgasmic disorder Premature ejaculation

4. sexual pain disorders

Non-organic vaginismus Non-organic dyspareunia

5. Sexual problems due to the overall health

This classification allows a correct diagnosis, it leads to appropriate treatment. So thinking and living healthy

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