Changing Your Entire Life Begins with a Single Leap

Denver, CO and Chenoa, IL (PRWEB) February 11 June 2008

On Leap Day, the author Larry W. Payton Jr. presents a fictionalized autobiography of the last eight years of his life – with time traveling adventures and the quest for true love.

Summary: Lyle Proctor lost everything that mattered, but when he decides to end his misery and take his own life, he embarks on a quest and discovers more than he ever dreamed possible. With Leap Day, Illinois author Larry W. Payton Jr. wrote a novel of inspiration and hope in the quest to find true love and its place in the world.

Leap Day:

“Lyle was lying on his back, eyes closed and hands folded in prayer in the chest. tears rolled his eyes and ran down the sides of his face. He turned and wiped them on his stomach with his face on the right side of the pillow and his forehead touching the wall. At 11:45, Lyle breathing slowed and he fell asleep. Although he did not expect to wake up again, he did. When he does wake up, not only was it more February 28, but it was no longer 2008? “

Lyle Proctor is a 33 year old man who lives in a small town in Illinois with his parents. At one point in his life, he was married with a house and a career, but lost everything. Already suffering from manic-depressive, convinced he would never find true love, he decides to end his life. Take a lethal combination of sleeping pills and alcohol, he goes to bed, not expecting to wake up ever.

To his surprise, Lyle does wake up – but it is more Leap Day 2008. In a way, by divine intervention, he discovers that it is Leap Day 2004. He took the opportunity to do things, wrote a letter to his past self to discover in which he describes what has occurred in the intervening years. With luck, he hopes he will not make the same mistakes he did before. He goes to sleep tonight and wake up to Leap Day 2008 – and soon discovers that his life is even worse than before!


is given one last chance, and when he goes to sleep that night, hoping to leap back further in time, it does – Leap Day 2000. But this time he does not return in the future, and must relive his life again from that point. Will Lyle get it right this time? Will he find true love he has always sought? Or will it all turn out like before?

So many of us wish that we can press the rewind button and living part of our lives again. In this beautiful and haunting first novel, the author Larry W. Payton Jr. shows us a world in which this is possible.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-1730-8

Format: Paperback 6×9 ???????? SRP: $ 20.95

Genre: Business – Fiction ????

About the author:

Larry W.

Payton Jr. spent most of his 33 years in a very small town in central Illinois. Leap Day is his first novel. For more information or to contact the author, visit


Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd – 515, Parker, Colorado 80134


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