A New “Sensitive Area” for Men Gets Attention by Researchers

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 29, 2005

For the past 10 years, talk about erectile dysfunction has changed the way people perceive health and performance of men in bed. What was once a taboo subject about a sensitive area for men is now as commonplace as an ED commercial during the Super Bowl.

Now researchers are looking for another sensitive area for a man who rarely comes to affect the life, but love every man as it ages.

is called atrophy of the penis. According to Life Extension magazine, there is a scientific fact that without enough testosterone, the quality of sexual life of a man is affected and the penis shrinks. After 40 years, as men age testosterone production decreases as there is increased estrogen levels.

Like all other parts of the body including the penis, changes and shrinkage comes with age. And with millions of couples are living longer and maintaining an active love life, to find ways to slow down the process peaks the interest of the researcher and baby boomers alike.

Research discovered that many men go through the changes that age offers them with a gradual loss of testosterone. Many studies show that maintaining testosterone levels of a healthy environment, 21, will erase the problems of libido and penis shrinkage over time.

A man

s? overall health and sexual life can be greatly affected by the loss of testosterone. According to studies by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, men with high levels of testosterone may be less vulnerable to blood pressure, heart attacks, frequent colds, obesity and depression.

Testosterone also plays a huge role in preventing heart attacks. There are more testosterone receptors in the heart than in the genital area.

Lifestyle changes such as

reducing alcohol consumption and smoking cessation can rapidly increase levels of testosterone. Using a formula natural testosterone, such as improving Sorrelex (http://www.sorrelex.com) can make immediate changes in the body’s ability to create and release testosterone.


(http://www.sorrelex.com) is a liquid formula herbal testosterone inducing 7. It has been proven to safely return testosterone levels to a state of young men. It naturally increases the hormone released by the brain and the ability to create the testes testosterone.

According to Brian Ayers

of Genesis BioTech, which makes Sorrelex, attitudes about taking supplements to improve your love life improves. ? It is a shame that people still think that their sex life should slow down with age?, Says Mr. Ayers. ? If you take supplements to improve your nutritional health, why not take to improve your sexual health?


Brian Ayers

Genesis Biotech, Inc.




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