A Hidden Suffering: Nobody hears about it … Nobody knows about it …

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 24, 2003

Dr Catherine Hamlin, 79, an Australian gynecologist who has spent the last 44 years in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has helped over 25,000 young women come , recovered from the nightmare of obstetric fistula, a childbirth injury dreaded C-section before surgery has been perfected, even ravaging women in Ethiopia.

Thursday, December 11, 2003, 7-9 pm PST by Dr. Hamlin’s history with Viveca & The Buck, co-hosts the radio show on the Internet? Get Ready For Love? in an online world-event fundraising called to give your heart a home. ? We need money, we need more doctors. We now have 150 beds and often have two women in the same bed? said Dr. Hamlin.

condition of obstetric fistula usually occurs when a young woman can not deliver a baby because it is too big for her pelvis. After days of work without access to a doctor, the baby dies, shrinks and is expelled from the body, the pressure of his head with interrupted blood flow to the pelvic organs results in horrific injuries. The young mother is left with a hole between her bladder, vagina and rectum, sometimes. The result is that urine and faeces, occasionally drip constantly down her legs. In some cases, it is also left lame from nerve damage.

These women can not fulfill their conjugal duties expected and societal. They stink and leave a trail of urine behind them. Rejected by their husbands and driven out by other villagers, they hide by day in small huts and sneaking about at night to feed and wash contaminated clothing. The lucky ones – fistula pilgrims -???? Hearing about Dr. Hamlin hospital s -? Often, they are transported in the back of their fathers. ? The joy we get is that doctors see women healed go home on the legs and feet dancing, a new life for themselves? said Dr. Hamlin.

Dr. Hamlin? S history began in 1959 when newlyweds gynecologists Catherine and Reginald Hamlin Hamlin Nicholson accepted positions at the hospital gynecologist Princess Tsahi in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They should establish a training program for midwives, but their heart is young out of the fistula. They found the problem so frightfully common they have perfected a surgical technique to repair the damage and later applied for a grant to build a 40-bed hospital to serve the women of Ethiopia. In 1974, the hospital in Addis Ababa opened.

Since then, their hospital has served more than 25,000 women and has become an important teaching institution for surgeons worldwide. The visitor experience? Love at first sight? impressed by the work of the hospital and dedication of the staff, many of whom were themselves suffering. The hospital is clean and upbeat, there is a spark in the eyes of patients. The grounds, with trees and flowering shrubs, is a paradise for women coming out of hell. Recently, a rural village was added to the facility to enable women with fistula can not be repaired to live their lives in self-sufficiency and dignity.

? We can all make a difference? Viveca Stone says the producer. ? Because Internet radio of this suffering can no longer be a secret? anyone can listen and participate in the discussion. You? Will meet the people behind the hope and joy of recovery and have the opportunity to experience the power of giving through modern technology. Just point and click to share the love, hope, humanity and prosperity needed to send our Ethiopian sisters house .??

hear Catherine Hamlin, supporters and pilgrims, and add your dollar, yen, euro or sterling to Dr. Hamlin? s work, listen to your heart A Home Broadcast Thursday, December 11, 2003, 7-9 pm PST at http://www.getreadyforlove.com. Donations will be accepted online via a secure server and paid directly to the American Friends Foundation for birth trauma, which supports only Dr. Hamlin? S work.

Get Ready To show love is a weekly radio show on the Internet and broadcast on the public forum of women? Network wsRadio.com. The co-organizers, Viveca by Buck and wisdom, insight, hope and humor on subjects ranging from online dating, recognition, expectations, communication, sex, celibacy and the contribution . Listen live on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm PST or listen to archived shows, 24 / 7, available at http://www.getreadyforlove.com.

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