The 6 Best Uncommon Uses for a Home Dehumidifier

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) June 12, 2009

Anyone who suffers from allergies

in or suffered from a disease of the mold in their home has probably considered investing in a dehumidifier. However, physical ailments are not the only problems that can solve a dehumidifier. offers six of the best rare, but important, use a dehumidifier in and around the house.

1 .???? Protect mattresses and bedding against damage

Place a mini dehumidifier in a closet can hold linens and clothes stored from musty and keep away insects to eat tissue machine will last longer. This measure also prevents mold from forming on tiny leaves. This is important because moisture on litter can be easily transferred to the inside of the mattress. If this happens, the mattress can not be recovered and must be discarded.

2 .???? Keep working properly Electronics

In areas of high humidity, it is possible to condense inside of electronics such as stereos, video players and computers. The presence of condensation iniside these devices can cause corrosion leading to irreparable damage on the hard drives and other internal components. While a failed hard drive on a computer at home can be replaced, important files, documents and photos can be lost forever. Dehumidifiers absorb moisture from the air in a room and stops harmful condensation ever form.

3 .???? Stop Woods to warp or crack

humidity in the house can cause the buckling of beautiful furniture and hardwood floors. A dehumidifier will keep the wood from absorbing too much moisture, expansion and cracking. The door frames are also sensitive and can be overwritten by excessive moisture that causes annoying squeaking or sticking. Whole house dehumidifiers prevent such damage and to ensure the house maintains humidity levels safe.

4 .???? Backup cars, machines and tools in storage

While it is well known that moisture causes metal to corrode, many do not realize that a household dehumidifier will ensure common tools, lawn mowers and appliances do not break down not in storage. Sheds and garages to protect these components from harmful external factors, but high humidity during the summer or rain can quickly become a threat from within. In addition, collectors of old cars can protect their vehicles against rust, and interiors to deteriorate or musty smell when in long-term storage using a desiccant dehumidifier inside the vehicle and put a dehumidifier mechanics in the nearby garage.

5 .????

Foods Help stay fresh longer

Another often overlooked benefit of the house of a dehumidifier is the ability to keep food stored charge. Moisture causes food to rot faster than any other factor, creating an environment attractive to weevils, fruit flies and other pests. A small dehumidifier located in a pantry will ensure maximum life for dry goods thus reducing grocery bills.

6 .???? preserve the treasures of family and inheritance

excessive moisture can destroy photographs, record albums, tissues and other valuables stored in attics or cellars. These rooms are especially prone to seasonal humidity promotes the growth of mold and mildew and will destroy the elements that need to air dry. A basement dehumidifier, portable or installed, has the ability to remove moisture in large rooms and crawl spaces.

matter what for unusual or a dehumidifier is common to be used for, buying one is a relatively small investment that can save an owner thousands of dollars in property damage.

“After ten years of the sale of dehumidifiers, our call center has heard some pretty interesting ways our customers use their dehumidifiers,” said Peter Keller, Director of Product Development at “All uses had two things in common: they save money and protect the property owner precious of all evil.” experts are committed to inform and help consumers choose the best dehumidifier for their needs. The website provides buying guides, comparison charts and reviews dehumidifier products for independent advice. Visit to find more creative ways of a dehumidifier can be used in or around the house.

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