Planting A Cutting Garden For Mother’s Day

Canoga Park, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2008

Instead of giving mom a traditional bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day this year, give her something more endearing and certainly longer lasting. For about the same cost as shipping a dozen long stemmed roses or a beautiful bouquet, you can plant a colorful garden for cutting your mom. Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving, producing a variety of flowers continuously throughout the year.

In my work with Scott Cohen at The Green Scene, I am often asked to design cutting gardens in the landscape of our customers. Many people want to be able to get out of their own back yard and cut some flowers for inside their homes. When you have your garden performance, it is easy to keep fresh flowers on display. Just a few flowers and a little greenery can brighten any room and create a pleasant atmosphere. Unexpected guests? Just pop out to create an instant floral arrangement of the table.

The process is very simple, and if you follow some basic principles of gardening, you are sure to please your mom with a bed of colorful plants success. Properly combine sun, soil, water and food, and your efforts will surely reward you. Most colorful flowering plants will need a site that receives at least six hours of sun. Change the whole bed with lots of mulch decomposed by “turning” to a depth of at least 8-10 inches. Well-amended soil allows for water penetration and retention and makes for the roots of plants happy. Add a complete fertilizer according to directions, when you mix the soil to prepare the bed. Be sure you have good coverage of automatic sprinklers. You do not want Mom to the saddle with the work of watering several times week

Now you’re ready to go to the nursery to select plants. On the stage of green, we only use quality materials and I suggest you do the same. Be sure that the plants look healthy and robust. For a little more crazy, you could start with a background of several fragrant roses. (After all, Mother’s Day.) For other large flowers lasting longer choose to Iris, Alstroemaria (one of my favorites), Cosmos, Purple Cone Flower, daisy or sweet pea. For larger bouquets and unusual flowers and greenery try Kangaroo Paw, Papyrus (gets huge!), Gladiolus bulbs, Breath of Heaven, Sun Flower, lavender, sea or bells of Ireland. On the wild side, there Yarrow, Beard of Jupiter, Coreopsis, Sea Holly, Baby’s Breath, Lavender and Penstemon.

If your garden is shady you can still get beautiful flowers Gardenia, Camellia, Queens Tears, Calla Lily and Anthurium. And do not forget to consider color. You can select the colors that blend together and match the interior of the house, or create a kaleidoscope of colors with all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Plant is easy when you know what to do. First, place the plants on the bed, prepared — those high in the back. Keep the mature size in mind so that you give each plant enough room to grow. Carefully remove the plant from the container (recyclable at your nursery!) And loosen the roots if they are pot-bound. Place the root ball into the ground. It is essential that you not plant deeper than the original ground level in the container, otherwise the stem may rot. When you are finished planting, the fresh water of entire bed with fine spray. Step back, look at your work, and feel good about what you did for mom. She’ll love it!

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