Narconon Gulf Coast Research Shows Several Key Factors Must Be Present at Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers to Ensure a Successful Recovery

Destin, Florida (PRWEB) May 16, 2007

Over the past 25 years, studies have shown that drug treatment is very effective in reducing or eliminating drug and alcohol use. Research also shows that the choice of the right rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol individual is crucial for a successful takeover. With thousands of rehabilitation centers, alcohol / drug treatment programs and providing a wide range of services, schedules and environments, it is difficult to know which drug and alcohol use to select the program. Narconon Gulf Coast is the sharing of research results to help individuals find a drug rehabilitation program that works.

“When it comes to something as important as helping yourself or a loved one find a drug and alcohol treatment program that works,” says Randy Ross, president of Narconon Gulf Coast, “it is crucial to understand the basics you need to be looking for. Narconon Gulf Coast understands that many factors contribute to the effectiveness of a program, but after extensive research, we found that these three factors consistently contribute to a successful recovery for our students. “

Program Timeline

Research shows that most individuals with addiction and / or alcohol problem require an individualized program without predetermined time limit. The programs are often designed around treating a person for a fixed number of days instead of focusing on the different stages the individual must pass in their own time, overcome their addiction and learn to drive an ethical and productive life without drugs. “A treatment program should allow people to go through the same basic steps necessary to recover, but at their own pace,” says Randy Ross, president of Narconon Gulf Coast. “It is important to recognize that it may take some people more than others. Some people may take 90 days to complete the program, others 98 and others 110. As in any successful business there are no shortcuts. “

staff-student ratio

Many centers provide individualized care and one-on-one treatment, but it is important to ask what that really means. Find a center that is small and offers at least a one to one staff-student ratio is essential to help people overcome their addiction. “The installation should provide a real practical, one-on-one approach,” says Randy Ross, president of Narconon Gulf Coast, “an approach where the participant works one-on-one with a staff member on his / his recovery throughout the entire program, not just during counseling sessions. “

Environment Facility

research shows that recovery can be effective if all aspects of the treatment facility is conducive to people who want to be there and every effort is made by program staff to enable individuals to s’ engage in the actual work it takes to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Often when people first begin a rehabilitation program, they are quick to criticize their environment and can be used as an excuse for why they can not succeed. “This is why it is important to choose a drug rehabilitation program that offers a very comfortable and welcoming environment so that participants can focus on recovery rather than the negative aspects of the installation,” says Randy Ross , President of Narconon Gulf Coast. “This includes providing food options outstanding that are nutritious and providing living space clean and open that create an inspiring and positive.”

about Narconon Gulf Coast

Narconon Gulf Coast is a residential drug and alcohol treatment center, rehabilitation and education. Randy and Debbie Ross founded the center after four unsuccessful attempts to save their own son through other rehabilitation programs. After months and countless hours of research they found that one-on-one approach in a small environment was uplifting essential in helping individuals become drug free. The Narconon program, a long-standing program with global success, is what finally helped Randy and Debbie’s son overcome his addiction. A desire to educate and help other families rebuild their lives prompted Randy and Debbie to turn their home into a fourteen bed rehabilitation center. The center has a staff-student ratio of 1.3 staff for every student as Narconon Gulf Coast is dedicated to students staying focused on the long-term recovery by offering a unique approach to face that lasts about three to four months , depending on the individual. For more information please visit Narconon Gulf Coast

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