Men Who Want Bigger Muscles And More Energy Bring In The New Year With New Test Juice 1000

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) March 3 March 2008

Keeping New Year’s resolution to work longer and harder to build those muscles will be easier in 2008 for men who use an innovative new product called Juice test 1000.

with exercise and healthier eating are two major areas of New Year’s resolutions every year, it is not surprising to test Juice 1000 drew the attention of body builders and athletes across the U.S. USA. Test Juice 1000 is a new powerful alternative to steroids increases testosterone levels to allow faster muscle gain and promote energy increased for men to work longer and easier than ever.

an online company called Advanced Strength Nutrition (ASN) provides easy access to learn more about the 1000 test juices and ingredients through a website called Muscle builders can easily read on each key ingredient used to make the product, including its main ingredient, Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali is a powerful addition to ancient Asian increases testosterone levels safely.

Juice test

1000 contains a complex of 775 mg setabolic growth with the following ingredients: Mucuna pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Tesofen (TM), Epimedium, dehydroepiandrosterone, and L-arginine. It also contains a RAB (2) improve the matrix of 625 mg and other ingredients as indicated on the ASN website.

Many athletes and coaches are attracted to the test weights Juice 1000 because it is only natural. This reduces the risk of side effects while giving the body a tremendous boost of testosterone. Other benefits include better focus, more stamina and better sexual performance.

one thing that distinguishes the ASN is far outside the control of the company from all the facts on its product with the consumer. ASN has not hesitated to let consumers know exactly where all natural ingredients are used to create 1000 Juice test, so body builders and athletes can make an informed choice.

“Instead of adding ingredients to fill with only one or two good ingredients, we created a revolutionary combination of ingredients that will increase testosterone and stimulate the libido,” says

Richard Barnes.

Test Juice 1000

attracts sponsors like Neil Champtagnie sports. Champtagnie asks, “juice test really work? Just look at my physique …. enough said! “Another sponsored athlete, Bill Vaughn, said:” This is the first thing I am when I wake up (in) the morning and the last thing I take before going to bed at night. Jus testing goes hand in hand with my diet that I depend on my diet to always provide me with the proper nutrients, .. and I count on the juice test to always give me more strength and endurance “

These athletes and many others who want to build muscle and strength to get a great start in 2008 with 1000 Juice test. ASN also recently published final Cup 5000, an all-natural fat burner that speeds metabolism. It is approved by Winky rigth.

More information is available at

the web address below:

For interviews or more information, please contact Richard Barnes by phone or email.

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