Leading Medical Staffing Firm Speaks Out on “Outsourcing”

Covina (PRWEB) July 8, 2004

Professional quality medical

(QMP), one of the most dynamic organizations of medical staff in the United States, announced the availability of the company? S White Paper, “Flexible medical supplies to the Crossroads: Adding value to outsourcing.” The white paper is available on the website QMP: http://www.iqforme.com/whitepapers.html

The White Paper stresses the recent developments in the crisis of the physician workforce and flexible work strategies of outsourcing available for hospitals, clinics, and other allied medical facilities. The White Paper concludes that the effectiveness of medical staffing outsourcing:

Improves the quality of health services in a facility
Reduces management costs and human resources
Increases flexibility and core staff performance
Records the overtime costs for core staff
Provides a long-term employment for core staff and reduce recruitment costs
Creates employee satisfaction and patient
Reduced incidents of ER divert, bed closures and blockages clinical unit

Paul Mwangi, president of QMP, “the health care facilities of all sizes have found that outsourcing their staffing services to health saves considerably. Large, medium and small sized plants have experienced significant cost and time savings by outsourcing the QMP. There is no longer a need for small-medium sized facilities to have the headache and cost of paperwork, recruitment, and have limited benefit plans or not. With health workforce outsourcing, facilities can attract the talent they need to succeed and save money. Outsourcing and the shortage of health professionals has stimulated the growth of the health care industry $ 7 billion dollars in the last thirteen years. “

About QMP

QMP is a comprehensive medical staffing services company, with an extensive network of various medical professionals. We have access to hundreds of health professionals and facilities that routinely access QMP staffing solutions, making it one of the largest companies in health care workers in the United States. QMP offers staffing solutions aimed at reducing the total cost of hiring an employee. QMP handles all administrative and management recruiting, allowing its customers to focus on doing more business without worrying about recruiting or hiring for needs created by unforeseen circumstances.

For more information please visit our website or contact us http://www.iqforme.com toll free at 888-966-5062

Editorial Contact

Paul Mwangi, President & CEO, QMP, 888-966-5062 xt 221; paul@iqforme.com

Bill Gram-Reefer

, WorldView PR, 925-215-8463; reefer@worldviewpr.com

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