How to make yourself last longer in bed

your partner is always complaining because you do not have enough time in bed? Are you constantly looking for answers? Of course, you can walk into a store novelty sex and buy expensive creams, pills, sprays and pumps that report. But you should know that these expensive products are not natural and can cause adverse effects. However, will provide you with more information.

It is always advisable to avoid solutions against nature. These products can cause negative effects such as high blood pressure, heart problems and erections which may more than you. If you are unsure, it is wise to check with your doctor before deciding on the solution to your problem. Many toys and pumps it. These are just a sales pitch and 9 times out of 10, they migrate to a drawer or box that you open.

There are some proven ways you say. One of them is preliminary. There are several different varieties of preliminary, as the spoon, kissing, cuddling, rubbing, etc. Preliminary causes your body to release hormones that make your sex last longer. Playing music together is supposed to be a good technique because you are both in contact with each other. Many clinical trials have proved that 30 to 45 minutes of foreplay before sex, effectively addresses your query on.

Another proven way to have sex is often. By having more sex than you use sperm that has accumulated and it would take more time to recover. The combination of frequent sex and foreplay will make your last sexual intercourse longer. will help you last longer in bed and get sexual satisfaction.

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