How to Eliminate Your Premature Ejaculation Problem


by Lia Felabhoe

Gender is an essential part of a relationship and it is important that you both get satisfaction during sex. Sexual dysfunction is the most feared problem and frustrating that some men suffer. If you can not control your ejaculation during sex your partner leaving disappointed and unhappy, you need to learn to eliminate your premature ejaculation problems, before it could ruin your relationship and your sex life.

sexual dysfunction is one of the reasons for broken relationships. Some women can not live with men who can not give them the pleasure in bed. Although there are women who are willing to sacrifice and stay in the relationship despite the miserable sex life, men often have feelings of guilt or feeling bad about themselves for their lack of giving women their satisfaction sexual. Of course, you want to find how to eliminate your premature ejaculation and give your partner sexual satisfaction.

There are things you can do to eliminate your premature ejaculation. Here are some tips:

Ask for professional help. There are doctors or therapists that sex can help you deal with your sexual dysfunction. If you feel like ejaculating too soon during sex is to create serious problems in your relationship and you do not know what to do, then you need professional help to eliminate your premature ejaculation.


distraction. Premature ejaculation is not a physical problem, but it is more of a psychological problem. You can not control your ejaculation and you can not handle a sudden jolt of sexual intensity due to emotional and psychological factors. If you feel that you are about to ejaculate prematurely during sex and your partner is not ready yet, try to distract you and think of something else. Return your attention to something less stimulating or boring.


desensitization. Use creams to eliminate your premature ejaculation is another option. The application of this cream on your penis desensitization will help decrease the sensitivity of your penis to prevent premature ejaculation.

Creating an initial ejaculation before sex real sex. This is another way to eliminate your premature ejaculation during sex. Try to ejaculate before sex with your partner. After the first ejaculation and when it’s time for love, it will take longer time to get a second ejaculation and you can prolong the sexual act and orgasm when she is ready.

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