Hair Salons No Longer Scare Salons with New Ammonia-Free Organic Hair Color

Clearwater, Florida (PRWEB) June 20, 2006

Hair and Beauty Systems

International is pleased to provide hairdressers and hair salons a better alternative to corrosive and toxic ammonia base. Organic Colour Systems is a color of ammonia and ammonia substitute-free hair free using the latest technology to give a higher result.

Organic color systems ( is exclusively distributed in the United States by industry experts and Hair International Hair and Beauty Systems co-founder of the Hilton Bell.

? Everyone at some point in his life had a bad experience in a hairdressing salon,? said Bell. ? There were some pretty scary contraptions, as well as numerous chemical concoctions used in the hair industry over the last hundred years. Any mother can tell horror stories about his back hair permed in the day. Scalp and hair were burned a risk they took. He was not? T a choice. At the time, the chemicals were dangerous for the client and the hairdresser.?

But we have come a long way in the last 100 years: space flight, medical breakthroughs, Nano technology, MP3 players and more. With all this progress in many areas, it is a mystery to me why a chemical such as ammonia, which is used in explosives, fertilizers and cleaning products is still widely used in hair salons to color hair.?

According to Bell, the lack of knowledge and understanding that exists in the profession of hair on the processes and treatments they use on a daily basis on their customers’ hair is scary. He says it’s time to start using the hairdressers art in their field than other fields and professions already employ.

According to Bell, there is much information available about the harmful effects of ammonia. Some customers end up with headaches, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, skin rash or bad end up in bed feeling terrible.

At the same time as ammonia is to get into the eyes of customers and hairdressers and lungs is to enter into the hair cuticle. Over time, the hair shaft starts to look like Swiss cheese. Ammonia not only negatively affects the cuticle of the hair, it also damages the amino acids or proteins called tyrosine which is located inside the hair. When tyrosine is damaged, the ability of the hair color is to hang greatly reduced or eliminated.

organic color systems, color is introduced into the hair shaft without damaging the Tyrosine. The color lasts longer because the color has something to bind to.

benefits of organic color systems


No substitutes ammonia or ammonia, so no damage to hair
Rich, vibrant natural colors including reds and coppers that do not fade or yellow
Permanent color or semi-permanent
Lighten up to four levels without damage
No more itchy scalp, stinging or staining
No toxic odors in the living room
No ammonia gas to be inhaled
Ability to hair color clients more often

? For countless reasons to be a hairdresser is not an easy career by any stretch of imagination? said Bell. ? You must have a thorough understanding of geometry. You should have a natural ability to deal with people and like helping them. You must be able to work precisely with your work. In my mind, 1 / 16 of an inch is the level of detail that makes a good haircut a great haircut. You need to understand other people? S perceptions of themselves and be able to translate that into a look. You should have an appreciation of an artist and being a good artist. You should have a great understanding of color. And you should have a strong background in chemistry of the hair and the many chemicals you work with every day. Systems with organic colors, you an advantage over everyone in the creative domain.

About Hilton Bell International Hair & Beauty Systems:

Hilton Bell

career in hairdressing spans over thirty years. Bell worked on the creative teams of Wella, Schwarzkopf and L’Oreal as well as operating its own high-fashion salons and teaching seminars on several different continents. Bell has developed the unique True Colors color look that was purchased by L’OrĂ©al Australia. He has won numerous awards for the competition and was a judge in many competitions. It is well known for having staged some of the most sumptuous fashion hair shows seen in Australia. International Hair & Beauty Systems was founded by Bell and his wife, Lee Ann, and is currently the exclusive importer of the products organic color systems “in America.


Hilton Bell

International Hair and Beauty Systems


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