Foam Factory, Inc. Introduces New Memory Foam Bedding Line Offering Luxury and Affordability

Clinton Township, Michigan (PRWEB) July 5, 2011

With the introduction of its new product line of memory foam, foam Factory, Inc. makes the science of sleep less complicated and more affordable than ever. The ViscoSAVER three levels, and ViscoPLUSH ViscoMAX memory foam mattresses and mattress line offers a range of options in terms of comfort, size and affordability. Now anyone can enjoy the benefits of memory foam quality, regardless of current configuration, personal preferences or budget.

Each level of the product line memory foam mattress comes with its own set of characteristics, making it easy for anyone to find a product that meets their requirements. Memory foam is most often classified in two ways: the density and indentation load deflection, or ILD. Density is the physical weight of a cubic foot of foam, indicating its long-term sustainability and resilience, while the ILD refers to the natural sweetness of the product. The higher the number indicated in a note ILD, the firmer the foam will be.

cheapest of the three new products is ViscoSAVER, with a density of three books that provides lasting comfort for those on a budget and an ILD of 13, which is an even balance of cushion and support. ViscoPLUSH is an excellent product for a sleeping experience balanced with a longer duration of 4 pounds of density, and a softening of 11 ILD that appeals to people who want luxurious comfort. On the upper tier is ViscoMAX, with a density of 5 pounds with a product life estimated at nearly 20 years and an ILD rating of 15, which offers a bit more firmness, while giving the user comfort profiled.

All products plant moss? s new line of memory foam are hypoallergenic for sensitive users and a temperature-sensitive foam structure that reacts to the body? s unique contours, providing customized comfort, while maintaining pressure without support. This reduces the stress on the body while improving circulation, leading to more restful, rejuvenating sleep. In addition, products and ViscoPLUSH ViscoMAX meet California? TB117 flammability standard s.

Originally developed by NASA in the mid-1960s to help astronauts cope with the forces generated during takeoff and re-entry, memory foam has since been applied to many terrestrial applications. It is now commonly recognized as a premium bedding and comfort products. Foam Mattress Factory offers memory foam in heights of 3 or 4 inches, rolled a 5 inch base foam to provide all the conventional advantages of memory foam and save money for clients. A memory foam topper, available in heights of 2 inches, 3 to 4, offers comfort and support of memory foam without the expense of having to buy a new mattress. Both the mattress and the mattress is available in standard sizes or custom, and may be accompanied by a cover terry cloth as an option.

For more information on the line memory foam, services, or to see the complete line of products, visit the website,, call (586) 627-3626 or e-mail: info (at) foambymail (dot) com.


Foam Factory, Inc. is a leading distributor and manufacturer of a wide range of foam, sponge, rubber and furniture. Our product lines are supported for residential and commercial markets. In addition, these products are available to both retailers and directly to end consumers. Foam Factory was established in 1980 and has now developed to include a business establishment located in southern Michigan. As a family owned and operated, we take great care to serve our customers and we strive to provide excellent products at the best price possible. With our years of experience, we apply all our knowledge by providing solutions tailored to your specific needs and applications.

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