Easy tips to stay Last Longer in Bed

prepared to learn a few tips to last longer in bed has been proven to cure premature ejaculation naturally. There are many tricks to last longer in bed there, but most are ambiguous and full of high. Be careful when you do online and what the latest advice in bed, you try. Believe it or not, I searched a lot and I found some real methods to cure premature ejaculation has helped many men. I will not sit here and tell you all the tips and ways to last longer in bed, which may or may not work, I am about to give some true methods of effective work for most the guys have tried these methods.

Ok, I’ll start the first and most common method used by many men to cure premature ejaculation and last longer in bed, masturbating before having sex. A lot of guys in the forums say that if they have an orgasm before intercourse, orgasm, it takes much longer to reach, therefore, help them last longer in bed during sex.

Another way to cure premature ejaculation and last longer in bed is called by pressing the tip. You basically need to take a short break in the relationship and use your thumb and forefinger and press the base of your penis firmly and hold up the need to ejaculate fades. Once you feel like the need to ejaculate is gone, you can resume sexual relations with your partner.

You must be careful when you masturbate! Rushed masturbation makes you accidentally cause your body to ejaculate too quickly, which means that if you do not have time to masturbate for at least ten to fifteen minutes, you will not last longer in bed. So, to last longer in bed, you should take your time when you masturbate and state to last. Believe it or not, it makes a big difference to your sexual performance in bed.

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