Don’t Miss This Best Position To Last Longer In Bed!


by Bradley Gardner

Looking for the best sexual position to last longer in bed? In this article I will talk about four best position to overcome the gender of your premature ejaculation. Sex correct position while having sex could help people suffering from premature ejaculation to last longer in bed, while some other items could make it worse for people who suffer from premature ejaculation.

sexual performance is an issue for any woman, even if you have a large penis size, it will be nothing if your sexual performance is not as big as your waist. So what are the five best position to help you control your ejaculation:

Position 1

front of me, baby

The best position of the first to last longer in bed is in front of me. In this position, you and your partner are sitting. You sit on the bed and let your partner sitting on top of you during sex. In this position, your face and the face of your partner are facing each other and you can massage her back while licking her breasts. This position will slow the pace of the relationship and help you last had sex, even more.


Position Woman On Top

The second is the woman on top. In this position, your control over the reports is limited. One who has to see the “surge” is your partner. The upside of leaving your wife to take control during sex is to let you focus on controlling your mind and excitement that you can last longer in bed. However, I do not recommend your woman to squat movement while using this position as it will make you lose your mind easier it is even more difficult for you to control your ejaculation.

3 Position

Front to Back

One of the best position to last longer in bed is Front to Back Position. With this position, the back of your partner’s face and you could lift his leg to penetrate her vagina. This position is suitable to be done in the morning where you could have sex slowly. This position is so comfortable and many men have shown that this position could help them last longer and to control their ejaculation.

Position 4 You are the commander

This is the best position to last longer in bed many men have proven this statement. Although this is not the hottest able to do in bed is the position most useful for men with premature ejaculation. To use this position to help you last longer, you should train with “pull-out” method. When you feel you are ready to explode, just pull your penis in her vagina, then you can control your mind and awakening so as not to ejaculate. Once you control your mind, you could then continue rejected the reports and you can repeat until you can not control it more.

These positions are best to delay ejaculation, you can try it tonight for more sex. However, the most important thing you need to keep in your mind is, sex is not a race. You do not have to rush, just take it slow and as comfortable as possible. More exicited is just to give you poor performance in sex, he will do no good for you. You must remember to not only satisfy you like when you masturbate while watching a movie for adults, you have a partner who loves you so and you have to meet. So do not rush your sex, keep it slow and comfort.

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