Celebrity Manicurist Gives Tips on How to Get Healthy, Gorgeous Nails

(PRWEB) October 27, 2005

Don? T you wish you could get all these perfect, healthy nails, but you seem to have? Luckily? How? secrets were disclosed by nail experts Carolyn Cianciotto, the Grand Dame of manicures and pedicures, which is known throughout the East Coast to celebrate his hand and feet in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. His experience includes management of salons and spas premium covering the states of Palm Beach in New York.

What makes for healthy nails right? ? Start at home: Use Nailtiques regularly if you have strong nails and problems of breakage. For a person with thin nails and coat problems, suggests Carolyn biotin. In addition, vitamin E will temporarily improve the nail surface, even if it does not penetrate the nail.

How can you tell if you are getting a good manicure? If a manicure is experienced, and manicures are much confidence in the performance of his job. Ask yourself: Does it clean the instruments in front of you to testify? Did she look at both of your hands before it starts? Does it have a clean table? A good, full manicure should take 40 minutes. Even if you’re just a change of varnish, nails still need to be cleaned and sanded. If possible, bring your own nail file, because their nail files may still exist dust and bacteria to other people? Nail s.

cuticles: cuticles cut breaks that the layer of skin and causes cravings. Instead, have to push your cuticles down, a much healthier, so sterile to go.

nail bed

Bumpy: Manicures often do not know how to remove a nail ridges? they file, they grow, and they send the customer at the door. When you have a lumpy bed of the nail, the nail must buff the nail gently until all lumps are gone, without damaging the nail, then apply the base coat. A good manicure nails never leaves bumpy.

Eliminate any residue or oil on the nail: Manicures should not use acetone on the nails before applying polish. It completely strips and dries out the nail. Just like you would not dry your face before putting on makeup, why dry nails? If the nail bed is too dry and not have a good balance of acidity, the varnish will crack and chip. Manicures should just use soap and water, go to the nail with a damp towel, then apply polish. This will make the polish last 10 times longer.


: Another myth is that you must file in one direction, but this must be done to truly sculpt the desired shape.

How many layers of nail polish manicure should apply? Base coat, two coats of varnish, top coat. If the varnish starts to get old, it will peel and get dry and have more volume than the same nail. Polish should be applied in thin layers.

drying methods? The quick-drying formulas are the best, and Carolyn did not believe in aerosol sprays. The oil does dry nails it protects only the Poles of all land on it. Polish should be allowed to dry for at least 10 minutes. Carolyn then apply the finish coat quick drying to the nail. There is no such thing as an instant? Sec.? You really have to wait an hour before arriving in a purse or any pressure on the nail surface. Until then, you need to be a little careful.

False Nails

, extensions? Fiberglass has created a lot of allergic reactions and swelling around the cuticle. Once you put something on your nail, the underside of the nail will not healthy. Carolyn does not suggest the acrylic or wraps. If you choose to have rolled, you must properly maintain the envelope so as not to allow air, water and bacteria to develop between the film and the nail. When the film or acrylic begins to rise out of the nail and moisture gets under the nail, the fungus can develop.


nails? Round and oval patterns are hot right now. Also, short, and down on the edge is in. If you have a nail bed large, square is best for the person. Form sharp nails are a thing of the past. French manicure is pass? for some people, but still popular for brides and girls. They are not the hottest look, but they are still here to stay.

Nail color

? Red is back, plums and browns, dark nothing. You will see very dark colors or neutral colors this fall and winter.

Life of nail polish? Each time a bottle is opened, it oxidizes. As the bottle was not opened, it can last a year. Beyond one year, you will lose consistency.

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