Caring For Furnishing, Fixtures, And Kitchen Equipment

care of the furniture, fixtures and kitchen equipment includes thorough cleaning of furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards and drawers, room decorations and accessories such as frames, mirrors, lamps , waves and bric-a-brac, bedding such as bed sheets and lights pillow cases, bath and toilet, such as toilets and a toilet bowl and utensils such as refrigerator and stove. ” / P> Follow these tips to give the furniture, fixtures and kitchen equipment a longer life and more beautiful finish. Wipe furniture polished with a dry cloth for a chandelier. Apply a few drops of mineral oil on canvas or directly on the cabinet to remove stubborn dirt. Clean the polished furniture with soap and water. Use a coarse cotton cloth or a scrub with very fine bristles. Wipe with a damp washcloth. Pat with washer dryer. Wipe frame with a clean dry cloth. Be careful on the sides and front and rear corners. Mirrors and glass first with wet crumpled newspaper, followed by crumpled newspaper to dry. Empty cupboards, cabinets and drawers before wiping or rubbing. It is convenient to use paper liner after cleaning. Remember to clean all items before reuse. Discard any that are not needed to avoid overcrowding. Do this at least once a month. Handle lamps, vases, bric-a-brac and other room decor carefully. Wipe thoroughly with a clean dry cloth.

Bed linen free from dust clinging before folding. Pillows and pillowcases Fluff change at least once a week. Keep bedding folded in a clean and well ventilated. Scrub sink and toilet bowl with a cleaner, soap and running water. Use a nylon brush handy to use the toilet and a long handle to the bowl. Rinse thoroughly with water. A few drops of disinfectant mixed with water for rinsing will kill the bacteria. To remove yellowish spots on the tiles and glazed units, dip a ball of cloth attached to a long handle bleach or hydrochloric acid and scrub the stained area. Rinse with water. Thaw in the refrigerator once a week. Clean the inside with baking soda and water using a clean cloth wet. Clean and dry. Remove yellowish spots on the door and sides with a special cleansing cream for automobiles. Clean or cooking stoves ranges enamel or stainless steel with soap and water and dry with a cotton cloth. For deep cleaning, pay attention to clogged burners, stove plates, corners and sides.

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