Blair to outlaw dirty weekends

(PRWEB) April 1, 2006

The impact of government? Bill S new vice, designed to crack down on prostitution, has caused far-reaching effects for anyone using hotels, motels and cottages. From next April, customers will no longer be legally allowed to use an alias when signing into a hotel. The government claims that this will help prevent the rooms used for the performance of sexual acts for money.

most famous alias, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who produced the guide boutique hotel of the same name, will be allowed to be used by married couples whose name is Smith. It is estimated that the consequences of this legislation may affect more than 15 million people who visit the hotels in the UK each year.

those most affected include men and women who use hotels? Dirty weekend? and extra-marital affairs. There are also concerns being expressed by the management teams of celebrities who want to ensure anonymity. Hotels are also invited to redesign the interiors clear answer, and obscene acts unlawful. These radical changes include the de-sign was four poster beds, removal kits weekend? and mirrors on the ceiling and the weakening of chandeliers to prevent people swinging from them.

A spokesman for Robbie Williams said the pop star was? empty? by the legislative change. ? Robbie was using the alias? Rick Astley? in hotels for more than three years now. It? S great because no one bothers him. This new law means that he will use his real name Colin idiot and s? The last thing anyone wants.

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