Bedwetting And Diapers

Introduction:. Bedwetting is not a disease and should not be treated as such Accordinlgly the American Association of Pediatrics, 15% of children under five years bedwetting and 12% of children still wet the six years bed. Older age, lower percent, although it is not unusual to have older children and even teenagers wetting the bed … hence the Underpants Goodnite for boys and girls up to 125 pounds. There are several reasons for a child to have a bedwetting problem, such as but not limited to … herediatary history or genetic problems of aging, family issues for deep sleepers. Please consult your pediatrician if your question about his bedwetting. This article is dealing with bedwetting to your child and some solutions for that.

When going to the doctor : Your pediatrician should basically already know about bedwetting night your child and most often the child will have surpassed this, but if your son continues in wettting the bed after the age of six or seven, you can re-visit with your pediatrician. With his help, it can give you some answers and solutions to bedwetting.

What you should not do : One thing every parent base should not be to punish, embarrass or make your child feel ashamed because he wets the bed. I have witnessed family or friends with children to punish them for wetting the bed or worse to embarrass in front of their friends for something they can not control. Do you think for one moment that your child is trying to wet the bed … I do not think so. What about the embarrassment in front of his friends … what will solve … nothing! Your child is quite embarrassed that he wets the bed and he thinks he is the only rank with this problem … but I know he is not alone. Treat your child with respect and tell him that it’s just part of growth and should not be ashamed because he still has accidents at night.

my personal history ” / strong>: I was a bedwetter and my parents took the meaning pactical they me wear diapers to bed. I was born in the early 60’s, so I wore cloth diapers and plastic pants every night. I was potty trained at a normal age, but for some reason, I still wet the bed and having to wear diapers for my problems at night. Before the age of 5 1 / 2, I was not embarrassed that I had to wear diapers at night … I just thought it was normal for any child who wets the bed. I had an older brother who does not wet the bed and there was not teasing him or my parents. When I was in kindergarten, I had few friends as most children of this age. Since our neighborhood block was tight enough at the time, I had my friend sleep and I do not remember having once to tease me because I was diapered for the night. During the fifth half my life, I was involved in a car accident in which some damage was done to my internal organs, including my bladder. After the accident, I went to wear diapers for my bedwetting problem in the evening by having to wear them all the time … even at school. Please view my other items on top layer.

Solutions : Before taking any action to miminze effects of enuresis, s’ you please sit with your child and have a heart to heart talk on this. I know he will be embarrassed about it, but assures her that he is not the only one with this problem and want help. If by chance his father was a bedwetter, share it with him. This will feel better about himself and quite knowing he grew up to be a strong and healthy man and his bed-wetting will be a thing of the past.

Your pediatrician may prescribe medication DDVP, which I read, works quite well. Some parents declined the use of this drug therapy, but dicuss with your doctor. Bedwetting alarms are another treatment option, but I have known that it happens that everyone in the family other than bedwetter woke to the alarm bed wetting … which does not help one bit. Check the website for these bedwetting alarms.

Waking your child to a couple of times a night may reduce your child’s bedwetting, but eventually could have other effects such as loss of sleep, grogginess, bad mood and even difficult at school. Please be careful in choosing this method, that my views on this subject, is not the answer.

Some natural solutions are using a waterproof mat mattress, sheets and blankets that can be laundred when your child has an accident. You can also buy the disposable bed liners, such as the care bedfellows in which a child sleeps on directly and everything must be washed, it is his pajamas or underwear. Low side to the other of these protective sheets, your son may be lying in a cold wet leaves and moist all night. Some children away from moisture, such as at the other end of the bed or the floor, but also disturbs the sleep of your child.


… with those of the solutions discussed briefly, let’s talk about layers. Layers can be a natural solution to an embarrassing problem. I’m not saying that the layers should be your only solution, but I say that the layers have a place for a solution for everyone involved. First, you should discuss this option with your child. Make sure you tell him just because he wets the bed and making him wear diapers does not make him a baby. Layers comes in all sizes for infants to adults. if your child is afraid of having to wear diapers, then by all means do not make him wear. This solution should be agreed between you and him. I can tell you personally when I was younger, wore diapers at night gave me peace of mind and comfort that I had to control my bedwetting epsoides. Sure that my situation is probably completely different from your child, but since my parents do not punish me or make feel like a baby, wearing diapers to bed was just a normal routine.


protection : Now that you and your child have agreed to wear protection, what type should you consider. First, you may have to ask you, how my child wet during the night. Is it completely soaked in the morning or damp sheets. This will determine what degree of protection is necessary to protect the bedding, clothing and finally himself. For young children, it could still enter the Pampers Easy-Ups or the size 7 Pampers disposable diapers. If the size your child is beyond a toddler and can not get into nappies, you will have to upgrade and move to a product among adolescents. If this is the case, it might be able to wear the disposable pull-ups such as Goodnites, UnderJams, Prevail All Nites-or Curity sleep pants. These pull-ups are great for the younger ones, as they have colorful and look like normal underwear (mostly). As with all disposables, there is a certain amount of sound that fails to make the disposable panties … not much, but enough. A draw back of Goodnight, UnderJams is the width of the crotch … as good as these products are, they have limitations. If your child spills with its disposable underwear, you might consider switching to a layer of youth.

Your child may <-! Nextpage -> to be horrified at the thought of wearing diapers again, but just tell him it’s just for the night and no one outside the family will need to know. There are layers of young numberous there and can be ordered online. These young layers ranging from Tranquility ATN (overnight), Tena, assists, Kendall Wings or Dry Comfort mention some of the upper layers of youth there. To save you some time, check USADiapers, com. This company offers specialty products online enuresis shipped directly to you. You can find everything necessary for his bedwetting yuou, including … Layers Youth Self-Care, bedwetting alarms, mattress and wipes.

Some parents might even go further in the natural solution with the help reusable absorbent products such as cloth diapers and vinyl or plastic pants.Having your child wears diapers or pull-ups, the night is one thing, but trying to get your child to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants could be a huge event. If you and your child decide on the fabric option, once you check A draw back to using cloth diapers is cared for. You regularly wash your diapers, unlike him to have to use a disposable product can be much easier in the morning. You will not have to worry about having him place his cloth diapers in a diaper pail, which can increase the smell of urine in his bedroom or bathroom … then there’s washing cloth diapers, it will be once a day or only on a weekly basis. You might also consider using a diaper service. Check the yellow pages of your community to see if there is such a service. His plastic pants just needs to be rinsed and hung to dry. Although if you choose the option of cloth, visit relatives or sleeping away from home, you might consider using a disposable product, havng him as wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants under his pajamas. .. it will probably be obvious that lang is for the night, the more it will be much easier to deal with a wet disposable diapers vs. damp cloth to travel with.

Waking up in the morning ” / strong>: Your child is more than likely will wake up wet in the morning, or if your child wears a protective layer will be the only thing wet in the morning. It’s good to have him wear diapers at night, is the ease of bedwetting problem. In the morning, all he has to do is to take off his diaper at night and throw or place his cloth diapers in the diaper pail provided for him. Be sure he takes a shower every morning to wash the smell of urine that comes with wearing diapers at night.

Conclusion : Bedwetting is much more common than you think. Your child will grow up to this problem overnight, but until it does, ensure that it remains comfortable all night using a protection for the bed and walks of life and youth.

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One Response to Bedwetting And Diapers

  1. Dawn says:

    I to was an every night bedwetter growing up and for 5 years, ages 5 – 10, wore cloth diapers and plastic pants in bed. My parents talked to me about it and told me that using diapers and plastic pants did not mean I was a baby, that it was to help me get a good nights sleep without the worry of wet bed clothes. I pretty much agreed and the wearing of night diapers began. At first I hated it, but mom talked to me and assured me that this was a family secret and that no one would know. After some time had gone by I got used to the idea and felt better waking up with wet diapers as opposed to wet bedding. It did feel better honestly.
    When we went visiting or on vacation mom bought disposable diapers for me to put on for bed and she also brought along the plastic pants for me to wear for extra protection in case there was a leak. She did not want me to wet the bed at a friends house.
    Each morning I would take the diapers off and put them in the pail, rinse out my plastic pants and hang them to dry. I would shower and dress for the day. As I got older mom showed me how to wash and dry the diapers and so I started taking care of my bedwetting by myself.
    I eventually outgrew the bedwetting and that made me even happier.
    So in my case the use of cloth diapers and plastic pants was okay.

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