Atlanta’s Solar Dimensions Tanning Salons Invests $600,000 In High-Tech, No-Burn Beds

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 31, 2009

Widely hailed as the most advanced bed and tanning safest in the world, the Sun Angel has recently been introduced in the United States. The $ 60 000 Ergoline Sun Angel, which offers a revolutionary new technology and can even talk to robotically tanners, can now be found in leading salons across the country.

Atlanta, size Solar, which operates 11 tanning salons, has purchased and installed 10 Sun Angels According to Sun Angel Products Manufacturer JK, Dimensions sun was among the first companies to tanning salons in the United States to offer the new technology at multiple locations.

“This is the most advanced machine tanning never presented to the United States,” said Alex Solar Dimensions Royter owner. “He has a special sensor that takes a reading of your face and body in seconds, which allows the bed to completely customize the tanning session for each client. This means virtually no chance of burning. ”


said the new technology also offers benefits for both veterans and those tanners who have very fair complexion. “If you have a good basis for Tan, the bed adjusts its power accordingly for you even darker,” said Royter. “And if you’re really fair-skinned -.., even just a type 2 (almost always burns, rarely bronze), you will be tan for the first time in your life without any redness or burning in less than a week it really is incredible. “

The new technology allows those with any type of skin to get a tan rich. “The color you get is very dark and very rich. No red at all. Because of the reduced UVB (burning rays) and a slight extension of the time 20 minutes sunbathing, your skin can actually get just the right mix of rays UV but not too intense. So you acquire your tan up to 8 times faster and the color lasts more dramatically You can literally use the bed 2-3 times a month to maintain your color, so it saves its customers something of value to them of their time -.. “


said he was initially concerned that the new technology requires a session of 20 minutes compared to the standard 10-12 minutes for most modern tanning beds. “Time longer session proved to be a big advantage at first, every customer, regardless of fair or dark complected gets the full time -.. So that the value factor was a big deal from the start Then you add to that the relaxation characteristics such as 3-D digital MP3 player with surround, acrylic living in perfect shape with integrated support the head, climate control system and the Mist Aqua Temptronic with aromatherapy, and people get out of that bed absolutely amazed, “says Royter. “It’s like a spa experience in there!”


is so confident in the new technology that ensures that customers have a rich tan in just three visits within 7 to 10 days. ! “You will be delighted with the overall experience -. You really think this bed is heaven, Royer said,” This is called the Angel Sun for a reason “

Sun Angel

introductory offers:

For a limited time, you can go to the website to Solar Dimensions and download an Intro first session with the Sun Angel for only $ 19.95. Or, customers who purchase 2009 Premium accelerators, including Alpha, Omega, iIntensity, iSport, iBlush, or SunSkinSpa Tri-Pack will win a free tanning session Sun Angel valued at $ 45.00.


these shows on your schedule Solar Dimensions Tanning session Angel:

Solarium Midtown 939 Peachtree St Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: (404) 975-4989 Email: Info.Midtown @

Solarium Alpharetta 5250 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phone: (770) 574-4408 Email: Info.Alpharetta @

Solar Dimensions Acworth

1720 Mars Hill Rd, Acworth, GA 30101

Phone: (678) 430-8742 Email: Info.Acworth @

Brookhaven Solar Dimensions 4060 Peachtree Road., Atlanta, GA 30319

Phone: (404) 492-5062 Email: Info.Brookhaven @

Solar Dimensions 3872 Roswell Rd Buckhead, Atlanta, GA 30342

Phone: (404) 492-5068 Email: Info.Buckhead @

Solar Dimensions 1319 Johnson Ferry East Cobb Road. Marietta, GA 30068

Phone: (678) 894-7904 Email: Info.EastCobb @

Solar Dimensions Kennesaw

1200 Barrett Pkwy., Kennesaw, GA 30144

Phone: (678) 894-7944 Email: Info.Kennesaw @

Solar Dimensions 8465 Roswell

Holcomb Bridge Road., Roswell, GA 30022

Phone: (678) 894-7973 Email: Info.Roswell @

Solar Dimensions 2430 Cobb Pkwy Smyrna., Marietta 30080

Phone: (678) 894-7966 Email: Info.Smyrna @

Solar Dimensions 5251 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Chamblee. Chamblee, GA 30341 Phone: (678) 894-7837 Email: Info.Chamblee @

editors: Interviews with owner Alex Solar Dimensions Note Royter, photo or video sessions, Sun Angel B-Roll and journalist Sun tanning sessions are available by contacting Angel Alex Royter at (678) 362-4862


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