Why Buy Latex Mattresses When Memory Foam Offers More for Less?

Escondido, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2005

In recent years, a number of technologies have emerged mattresses on the market. Two of the most popular types are memory foam mattresses and latex foam mattresses. Both memory foam mattresses and latex foam mattresses are trying to solve a problem that most people are familiar with the tossing and turning most of us experience in bed.

most of the twisting and turning is caused by a process called pressure point arousal. When we lie in bed at night, our bodies still relies more on specific areas called pressure points. A side sleeper has pressure points located at the hip and shoulder, for example. The purpose of the two memory foam and latex mattresses are to reduce the pressure points by distributing pressure over a large area.

Memory foam has the added benefit

to comply very closely to the body, and effectively “fill gaps” between the body and the mattress. Memory foam does this in part by how he reacts to pressure. Metal springs and most types of foam reacts to pressure by applying equality, opposing force. Memory foam, because of its structure rebound time and open-cell slow, does not return the pressure in this way. The result is that less force is built up pressure points and a more consistent level of support is provided along the entire length of the body.

Latex mattresses

, while they are a quality product, are an exorbitant cost. A complete set of mattress with a foundation can cost up to $ 3,000.00 dollars, compared to about $ 1500.00 for a set memory foam. An advantage that probably belongs to the latex mattress is linked to sustainability. Latex mattresses can last fifteen years without any compromise on performance. Memory foam, because of its flexibility and ability to conform closely to the body, tends to be slightly less durable, and may continue for ten years, with little or no degradation. In fact, some brands of memory foam mattress such as Sleep Aid http://www.sleepaidfactory.com place up to twenty years of guarantees on their mattress. In any case, both memory foam mattress and latex mattress will last much longer than traditional spring mattresses, which have a lifespan of about five years.

One of the things that make memory foam unique, which also gives it a significant advantage over the latex foam is its ability to react to body heat. When the pressure points to push a memory foam mattress, they transfer more heat and thereby soften the foam. It is this reaction to the pressure points that allows memory foam to conform so easily to different body types.

those with arousal points of excessive pressure or specific sleep disorders such as fibromyalgia, memory foam mattress will be a better choice because they relieve pressure points more effectively than do mattresses latex foam. The most expensive product is not always the best, and the mattresses are a case in which extensive research, less expensive memory foam mattress comes out on top.

more about the advantages of memory foam and the http://www.healco.com http://www.A1mattress.com.

John Campbell


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