Tips To Last Longer In Bed – Try These Sexy Tips to Last Longer in Bed Tonight

Every man thinks they do, but very few actually make the effort to learn ways to make sex longer. would you say? Do you really want to change? If you really care to keep your partner satisfied you solve your problem. If you can not control your ejaculation, you should definitely seek help.

There is no “right amount of time” to reach an orgasm. Everyone is different. If your wife takes only 30 seconds to peak you can say you’re a long enough long. Unfortunately, the men take about 2-5 minutes on average to ejaculate and an average time for a woman to reach the highest point is about 20 minutes. That’s why so many men are looking for tricks to last longer in bed.

Here are some tips to last longer in bed.

Since everyone knows that women take an orgasm long compared to men just provide a lot of foreplay and wait until it touches the orgasm penetrate. Just know that you have brought her close to orgasm will relax you and allow you to find the ways to last longer in bed and have sex more enjoyable.

Many men Don ‘t take into account the needs of women during sex. This is obviously a problem just put the needs of your wife first and forget your own. Take the focus off of yourself is one of the best all natural ways to last longer in bed.

Of course you can! You are mistaken if you think they do not work only because they seem simple. They work every time but they are just the basics. See the links below to find more advanced techniques as you start practicing these tips to last longer in bed. – Here’s the best position to last longer in bed. Oh, and if you want to find out some more powerful sex positions for lasting longer in bed then you’ll want to check out the other video on my website, In the video on my website you’ll also get to see the weird story about how I went from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes. Find it for free at

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7 Responses to Tips To Last Longer In Bed – Try These Sexy Tips to Last Longer in Bed Tonight

  1. 22SILENTSNIPER says:

    It didn’t help me none I still went 45 min

  2. vidman3 says:

    lol this came natural to me its like DUH but the best way to last longer is more sex =p

  3. conversextion says:

    There are a ton of TASTEFUL stories on ConverSextion,com in terms of how best to handle sex issues and how best to talk to your partner.

  4. 09XAVI17 says:

    @CumTooFast haha..sorry.. you must be a virgin.. lol.. this is very true

  5. CumTooFast says:

    fake and gay

  6. jmarquez41 says:


  7. how2curepe says:

    The first way to last longer in the bedroom is to take the focus off of sex. When men focus on sex the entire time, they often get very excited and this leads to an early ejaculation. Whereas, if you don’t put your entire focus on sex and you think about something other than that, you can start to last longer. Try to put your mindset on something else during sex. This will help you to feel less stimulation and it will make you last longer.C My Profile!!

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