The Herbal Love Coach:Looking for answers turns tragedy into running success

(PRWEB) November 14, 2003

Almost all those in the field of alternative health is a story about what got them involved. For 32 years in Washington, DC native Brian Ayers, its history starts much the same, but then goes a radically different direction.

Seven years ago, Brian? s mother, Jessie Mae Ayers, fell from a staircase in her house and broke her hip. Although this is a common accident for many older people, what happened then has had a profound effect on Mr. Ayers? life.

Jessie Mae

went to the hospital to take two different medications and went to 22 drugs. Concerned, Brian was an herbalist friend take a look at the list of medicines. Research has shown that ten of these drugs were actually used to counter the effects of six drugs. Although some of his doctors agreed that most drugs are not needed, the constant trips to the hospital for various health problems always ended with another list of requirements. It got to the point she would not eat because she was taking so many pills.

? I was very upset? remember Brian? because I was not able to help him. I knew there must be another way to be healthy without becoming a medical drug.? Unfortunately, Jessie Mae never got off the cycle of pharmaceutical drug and spent several years? later still using prescription drugs.

led Brian to learn more about alternative medicine. ? After searching for herbs and how they are effective in helping to heal and repair the body naturally, I wanted more. Once I realized that you do not continue to use an herbal formula for years to become healed, I was sold !?? p

Being an entrepreneur by nature, Brian decided to use its expertise in Internet business to sell herbal formulas online. From February of 1999, Brian has created a company and began to successfully market herbal formulas on the Internet.

is where the story makes a sharp turn.

After a while it became clear that the company? s number one selling product was a form of sexual energy of liquid called American Fly (http://www.AmericanFly.TV). Although the intention was not to go into the field of gender, the company focus shifted exclusively to the assembly of natural hot sale.

? We received orders from over 30 countries and people just kept ordering.? At this point, Brian turned to the field of sexual health to learn Fly U.S. could be more effective to correct sexual problems.

? We would get all kinds of questions from men and women about sex and we are hunting down the answers.? Questions that were included to impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual stamina, female lubrication and more. Whenever people talk about sex, it seems that most people don? T know much about it.

years of sexual health knowledge under his belt, Mr. Ayers is now talking to the public of its findings. It is now known as the Love Coach Herbal because most of the information it provides are based on the sexual performance rather than sexual function. ? The people I talk to know what goes where. They just want to know how to make sex better.?

of advice is to avoid eating at least two hours before sex. ? To digest the food your body uses the same amount of energy as an aerobic workout. If you have sex on a full stomach, then it’s like two aerobic activities at the same time .??

topic that people find shocking is that men can have multiple orgasms like women. It goes even types of exercise that are necessary to stay virile as we age.


? triggers the libido in men and women. It decreases significantly with age. Using the U.S. fly with the exercise of good and naturally stimulates testosterone gives men and women sexual energy, they tend to lose .?? p

Fly American flight is a success, Brian still remembers what attracted him in the field of alternative medicine to begin. ? We study new herbal formulas for arthritis and heart burn. It’s really just the beginning.?

About American



America is an all natural liquid sexual enhancement formulas for men and women. American Fly naturally stimulates testosterone for stronger sex drive, greater sexual stamina and deeper orgasms. For women, it increases the level of vaginal lubrication and overall feel. For men, this means stronger erections and longer lasting sexual performance. It works as an aphrodisiac true pleasure improving throughout the sexual experience.


Brian Ayers

Genesis Biotech, Inc.




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