The Battle for Better Sex Goes Liquid

(PRWEB) May 13, 2004

A new formula is liquid natural Viagra

Cathy and Paul Jacoby

were looking for something to put a spark in there sex lives for the last 4 years. Viagra No? T he do for Paul. ? Just for fun, catchy even tried … as n? T work either?, Says Paul. Their search brought them to a new liquid product that actually works for both of them.

The product is called African Fly ( It is a natural formula of sexual energy that has been quietly making a name for herself on the Internet. It has now been sold in over 30 countries with over 25,000 people. After the collection of user data for the past three years, the product has now come to the mass market.

The major difference between African Fly and Viagra is how it works. Viagra stops the blood from leaving the penis. This accumulation of blood creates an erection, which explains why the product does not work for women.

African policymakers to Fly, that’s where their product shines. ? African Fly works by naturally stimulating testosterone in women and men and the movement of blood in the genitals? Says Brian Ayers, Managing Partner of African fly. ? With these two processes at work that you get a natural sexual response .??

The reason for the formula? s success is the precise blend of herbs in liquid form. ? Many drugs and supplements in pill form because it is cheaper to manufacture? Ayers says. ? The problem is that when a pill gets into your stomach, it must be broken to pass through the lining of your stomach to go into your bloodstream. With a liquid formula, it goes directly into the blood and the right to work without any unpleasant side effects .??

African Fly is taking Viagra against Goliath by launching advertising campaigns on CNN and ESPN. They are also targeting more online sexual health seekers by providing a wealth of information on sexual matters of form to control premature ejaculation on their website.

Cathy and Paul, they are now enjoying a sex life found. ? We don? T been so close over the years?, Explains Cathy. ? The advantage of aging is an experience. Now we have the sexual energy to go with it .??

About African Fly


Africa is a natural liquid sexual enhancement formulas for men and women. It naturally stimulates testosterone for stronger sex drive, greater sexual stamina and deeper orgasms. For women, it increases the level of vaginal lubrication and overall feel. For men, this means stronger erections and longer lasting sexual performance. It works as an aphrodisiac true pleasure improving throughout the sexual experience.


Brian Ayers

African Fly


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