Survey Reveals Workaholics Now Working 2-6 Hours a Week in Bed

London (Vocus) May 19, 2009

More than a quarter of UK employees are so obsessed with the work they can not resist using a mobile device such as a laptop in bed before going to sleep, according to a study released today by CREDANT Technologies – specialists test data protection. The survey found that people who work in bed, 57% do so between 2 and 6 hours each week, not surprising that the survey also revealed that the majority of their fellow bed is the obsession with their partners motives “a very bad habit.” A staggering 8% of people admitted that they spend more time on their mobile devices during the evening to speak to their partners!

investigation “using laptop in bed and the security implications” was conducted among 300 city workers who were interviewed to determine whether the UK has become a nation obsessed with work a laptop to charge, tappers key to highlight the security implications of unsecured mobile devices. Almost half of respondents (44%) admitted they are in possession of important work documents on their mobile devices , 54% were not adequately secured with encryption. It will sound the alarm for the number of internal IT departments who are charged with trying to secure a workforce increasingly mobile using data on the movement and therefore lose data more secured than ever.

more snooping neighbors or even infiltrated attacker could hack the devices that are used in the bed, as one fifth of the population are not using a secure wireless network because they engaged in finger under their duvet.? ?

Michael Callahan, vice president of Credant Technologies said “This survey confirms that there is a growing population that is no longer limited by the hours of work or confined to the office building itself mobile and people are working n ‘-. anywhere even in bed. Therefore, when sensitive data and valuable will be held on these devices, and they are lost, it can have negative consequences nice and deep for both workers and employers. “

“With increasing pressure on companies to comply with regulations such as the Law on data protection, we must all respect our clients and employers by protecting data stored on our mobile devices, wherever we can -being. “

The most favored to connect to the Internet, and then back to the office, while lying in bed is via a wireless network (87%). Disturbingly, almost one fifth of the population are discussed using a wireless network that they know is precarious, with 56% down information about the company / download.

staying in hotels, people are happy to connect to the wireless network from the hotel, expecting the hotel to make sure it is safe. 47% admit they do not even consider the security implications.

When asked “What is the last thing you do before going to sleep,” it is reassuring to learn that for 96% of respondents, it is kiss them goodnight and partners. For the other 4% (71% men), who confesses to the completion of the work and check their e-mails, it would be desirable for them to take a long hard look at their lives gadget obsessed.

Five Tips

engaging in electronic Pillow Talk


recommends the following tips and simple advice to ensure that data remains secure, especially when working in your pajamas:

A Tip

:???? If your laptop or mobile device contains important data / sensitive about your employer, particularly customer information, then the data protection act requires that it be properly protected. Ask your IT department to encrypt the mobile device.

Tip Two

:???? Always use a strong password – a combination of numbers, letters and symbols to access your device or network. Do not make the show easy.

Tip Three

:???? Be aware of all the points of connection and access if you do not risk communication.

Tip Four

:???? Do not leave your device open access (eg WiFi or Bluetooth letting on) a conspicuous and unsecured.

Five Tip

:???? Finally, use your bedroom for what it is designed for. And if you do not want to sleep, your laptop is the last thing you should be to turn to!


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