Neon Lights and LED Christmas Lights Now Available from Rudolph?s Warehouse

(PRWEB) August 31, 2010

Christmas Decoration leader Rudolph? S Warehouse is adding a new product line for the 2010 holiday season, including neon lights, LED Christmas lights, lighted cherry trees, pieces of animation, lighting fillets and pieces connectable . The new range of LED lights include string ensembles 1000-bulb. Other items available include new signs festive season, decals for windows and animated patterns.

Something light to the house that not only warms your heart, but brings the community together. People are looking for a little joy. When buying Christmas lights, always consider quality. Lamps at low prices are often cheap for a reason. Inferior materials are often used to reduce the purchase price of these lights. To create an award-winning display, consider the following:

1. Investing in LED light strings because they are brighter and last longer

2. Frame features of your home with light rope, for example Gables

3. Select a high visible position at the center of your home for a piece of apparatus

4. Create areas of interest using a common theme: Santa Claus? North Pole? Santa Claus? Friends S

For those thinking

stringing up some lights this season, please consider the following security measures:?

1. Always make sure that all lights used outside of the house are approved for outdoor use.

2. Turn off lights when Christmas leave or go to bed.

3. Waterproof all external connections

4. Don t spend the son or electric lamp by means doors and windows

5. If you need to use ration cards, make sure they have built-in safety switch

6. Do not try to be an electrician at home? ? Always use an electrical contractor

This season

LED Christmas lights are quickly replacing the old fairy lights. The advantages of using LED Christmas lights are considerable.

1. They are energy efficient

2. Cold to the touch

3. Brighter than the lights of the fairies, therefore offer a better display

4. More sustainable because they do not have a filament that can be easily broken

However, wreaths have their place, the lighting of interior spaces and Christmas trees.


warehouse is located: in the family assistance center in Murrary Road, Preston (back). The address is 10 Gower Street, Preston.

For more information on Rudolph Warehouse? s or its new selection of neon signs, animated patterns, LED Christmas lights and more, visit

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