Lasting Longer in Bed Exercises


by Matt Kelly

know the right exercises to last longer in bed can make a big difference in your lovemaking. Many men believe that premature ejaculation can be solved with a pill or cream. For most men, this makes the problem worse or at best very simple cover. Learning to go in the bed is re-training of your ejaculatory reflex. In the same way you had to “learn” how to ride a bike, you must learn to control your ejaculation. Here are 3 effective last longer in bed exercises you can start using today.

1. Kegels

If you want to last longer in bed, train your muscles Kegel is a must. With Kegel muscle hard enough you can actually stop ejaculation there. Men who exercise their PC muscles (through Kegel exercises) will not only be the ability to control their ejaculation but also have more intense orgasms and more enjoyable. This is one of the most durable in the exercises of a few beds that every man will benefit. First you need
find your PC muscle. The muscle is located between the anus and penis, and you can easily locate it by stopping urine mid-flow. The muscle of your PC muscle is what we will work on.
It is important to note that you should contract that muscle, not your abdominal muscles like men do mane beginning.

last longer in the exercise of bed:

– Squeeze your PC muscle
– Hold for 5 seconds
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> As you practice this exercise you should increase the time that you hold. The great thing about developing your PC muscles you can do when you want.

other last longer in the exercise of bed:

– Squeeze your PC muscle
– Let go immediately
– Repeat for 20 repetitions fast seconds.

2. Stop and Start

Stopping and starting is one of my least favorite exercises lasting longer bed, but many men have had success with it. I’m not one of them. This is a great exercise that lasts longer in bed for couples well. Basically
start masturbating or reports that you would normally. When you feel the urge to ejaculate (but before the point of no return) to stop all the thrills and excitement of waiting for you to go down. Keep doing this as many times as you can before ejaculating.

After two endurance building exercises can really make a difference in your sexual stamina and give you the advantage to have sex more passionate and fulfilling.

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