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(PRWEB) May 12, 2005


play a major role in the application of modern medicine. Almost all major hospitals have hypnotists and hypnotherapists on staff. Hypnotists are filling requests for everything from pre-and post-surgery rehabilitation? Special? procedures for the treatment of cancer, and the list goes on. Hundreds of people quit smoking each year by using hypnosis. Fears and phobias are released and the anxiety and depression can be dissolved. With all the positive aspects of hypnosis, which is to keep more people to use it? In a word, is fear. Most people have seen that hypnosis as it is portrayed by Hollywood or the stage hypnotists. Both are in the entertainment field, both scored one goal and that is to produce a show that will sell tickets. It is interesting that someone who has watched Independence Day with Will Smith will not stop paying taxes because America, as he or she knows it was destroyed by aliens. So why do people think hypnosis is mind control? Just because most of these people were not exposed to the truths of hypnosis.

As long as there have been humans, there has been hypnosis. We use this frequently, and the natural state of mind, without knowing all the time. It is only natural for us. For example, if you’ve ever watched a TV show or movie and become really absorbed in the program, you’ve probably been in a trance. This trance is what caused you to have watery eyes in a moving scene or tense and scared even though you knew it was just a movie. (Advertisers understand this. They use television programs to induce a hypnotic trance and provide you hypnotic suggestions, called commercials!)

Another common example of this natural state of mind is when you drive on the road, with your mind focused on another task (a day dream perhaps), and next thing you know, you arrived at your next turn with no memory of miles in recent years. This is called “highway hypnosis”.

The U.S. government defines hypnosis as having two parts: (1). Bypass the critical factor, and (2) the establishment of acceptable selective thinking

This seems to be a useful and accurate definition of hypnosis. This “bypassing the critical factor” simply means the release of limiting beliefs. For example, the use of hypnosis for anesthesia has been accepted by the American Medical Association since 1958. He is well established to be a fact that hypnosis is useful for creating anesthesia. However, if you have limiting beliefs that the mind can not create a powerful anesthesia, you will be unable to do so. However, in hypnosis, this belief may be circumvented by limiting and hypnotic anesthesia can be quickly established. “The establishment of acceptable selective thinking”, the second part of the definition, refers to the process of guiding someone into hypnosis by using a hypnotic induction. The establishment of selective thinking creates the mental environment or state of mind that allows you to reject limiting beliefs (that you took the life in our society), so that you can accept more new ones empowerment.

hypnotic state is an optimum state for making changes in your life because you can set aside limiting beliefs that may have been preventing you from moving towards a more healthy, happy and you.

So now you know you can be hypnotized. You have done literally thousands of times. You yourself when you were daydreaming and missed that turn (self-hypnosis), you have been hypnotized when you enjoyed a television program (being hypnotized by someone else), and you followed hypnotic and posthypnotic suggestions when you preferred brand name you saw repeatedly on television (hypnotic compounding of suggestion).

Now you can use hypnosis to make your life better on the goal. Tri-State Hypnosis Center, Cincinnati, Ohio provides this service. Using hypnosis in a clinical setting and professional customers to find relief for many questions. At the Centre we provide the latest hypnotic techniques to our community (ie, EFT, 5-PATH and 7th PATH). If it starts with? Hypno? we are probably engaged in bringing it to you (for example, hypnosis, hypnotism, hypnotherapy and hypno-meditation). We provide hypnosis for most of the issues for which hypnotic treatments are appropriate. Some examples include, but are not limited to, hypnosis for losing weight, stopping smoking, relaxation, stress management and many medical issues that have a psychogenic or stress component (for example, sexual issues, premature ejaculation, obsessive compulsive disorders, sleep disorders such as insomnia, pain management, etc.). Some useful tools of the hypnotist include deep relaxation, guided imagery, guided meditation , visualization, trance, age regression, hypnotic inductions (instant, fast, progressive relaxation, etc.).

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