How to Make Spray Tan Last Longer

Spray Tans

are a very safe way to get the golden sun kissed look of a tan without damaging your skin cells as happens when you get a tan from the sun. A tan from the sun makes you look older, have more wringles, develop dark spots. Thus, a spray tan is a healthy way to look tan. In a spray tan your skin cells are either dyed or above they have a chemical reaction that makes tanning. The main consideration is how to keep your top skin intact as long as possible. As skin cells come off every minute that you can not watch this fabulous forever, but this article will help you extend the watch.

Hydrating Cleansing

-. stop using cleansers that claim they are “exfliating”, “scrub”, “renewal” or any word that would indicate it is off the top layer of skin to reveal the bottom layer of the skin


– Remember to use moisturizer after your shower each time you change clothes (in the gym, etc.) before going to bed. Spend the money on a thick, rich moisturizer as Quench and others.

Use a moisturizing shower – It does not take the place of a moisturizer after shower. Search Neutragena of cooling or moisturizing sesame oil or otherwise.

Use a moisturizer that has a slight tinge to keep your tan looking fabulous. Beware make sure your palms do begin to turn brown / orange. Use gloves that you keep in the bathroom and reuse. Jergens is a popular example of this type of moisturizer that has a tan building slowly. Put it on before the moisturizer after shower.

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