How To Go Longer In Bed – 6 Best Techniques

How to get longer in bed? Many of us ask this question. It’s really bad when you want to satisfy your girlfriend, but you can not simply because you can not last longer in bed. This article is dedicated to learn to go longer in bed – we suggest six simple techniques that will help you improve your love life


Want to last longer? Than change your eating habits! Eating is under way to improve your love life – it gives you more stamina and overall sexual health. Supply of antioxidants is a rich food. Some examples of foods that will help you with a longer duration are: nuts, blueberries, red grapes, acai, black teas


The second technique is. The point of this technique is to distract you during sex – get your mind somewhere else -. It will be better if I is a place that keeps your excitement under control

The third technique is. Muscle control is very important part of controlling your ejaculation. The PC muscle controls all functions ejaculate. Thus, a stronger PC muscle can help you to last much longer in bed!

The fourth technique to last longer is known as “”. If you masturbate often and when you do, you ejaculate very quickly, and by that you train your body to accept sex as a quick end. So if you start training with longer sessions to masturbate, you can retrain your body and mind and can get used to sex for a long time as well.


Next -! Try to focus on meeting your girlfriend’s sexual needs first! This can be a very powerful strategy for lasting longer in bed. It not only improves its ability to have his own orgasm, but also helps to keep your own sexual arousal to verify. It also prevents a climax early sneak up on you.

The last technique we will offer you to. Or with other words, allow your girlfriend to get on top of you. This will help you a lot, because your body’s muscles will relax in this position. This leads to relationships – the thing you want more! This is a very effective method to learn how to get longer in bed.

If you want to know how to last longer in bed, I highly recommend this book.

You should read because it teaches us to do things crucial to last longer! Read it!

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