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Sexual Health Physicians and other health practitioners are increasingly being consulted to deal with men and women? S sexual health and problems. As a result, there is an increase in research and development of new treatments available for treatment of sexual disorders. BADE Medical Institute offers specialized programs for treatment and ongoing research on the disorders most commonly encountered sexual.

? If people are in the reproductive and sexual health, people must be empowered to exercise control over their sexual and reproductive? ? World Health Organization 2004.

BADE Medical Institute has researched and developed the latest specialized treatments for improving sexual health for men and women. Conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and orgasmic dysfunction are now successfully treatable in most cases. Similarly these treatments help improve personal relationships by intensifying arousal and performance in both age groups younger and older.

February 2007, BADE Medical Institute will launch its new online BADE Medical Pharmacy. The online pharmacy providing specialized products for treating and improving sexual disorders, insomnia, weight problems, memory loss and problems related to age. BADE Medical Pharmacy also cater for specialized cosmetic treatments including wrinkle treatments and injections, fat removal, cellulite removal, acne treatments, rosacea treatments, scar treatments, and products aesthetic and services.

All medical treatments and services provided by BADE Medical Institute are performed by doctors, nurses, technicians and clinical co-coordinators, who are committed to the pursuit of service excellence, confidentiality and customers.


There is a sexual life after cancer treatment. 53 years and carcinoid cancer patients with diabetes: “I never thought I could have sex after cancer treatment,” D. Wade (Sydney 2000)


About Dr. Paul Beaini buddy

Dr Paul Beaini

​​Buddy is the senior physician and director of BADE Medical Institute. After his medical degree from the University of NSW in 1988, Dr. Beaini undertaken additional training in medical and surgical hospital, St Vincent, Wollongong Hospital and Westmead, Sydney. Later, he began advanced training in various cosmetic procedures including Botox, Restylane, Isologen, Laser and Aesthetic Pulsed light treatments, Australia and Europe. Throughout this period, Dr. Beaini continued to serve as senior physician and director of two medical centers – Thornleigh Medclinic Medclinic and Merrylands, Sydney – where he has practiced medicine for 12 years of proceedings.


Bade Medical Institute

formation of Bade Medical Institute was made by the fusion of Dr. Paul and his buddy Beaini medical team, a pharmaceutical research and development team, and a team of international marketing. All parties united in the interest of new research, develop and provide advanced treatments for health and beauty ( Bade Medical Institute has had excellent success stories with his nasal delivery medical treatment for sexual dysfunction and sexual enhancement. It now operates on an international level.

? Once customers are eligible to use our products, we can have them delivered to your door anywhere in the world. Unlike our competitors, Bade Medical Institute is confident with its products and personalized services. Our clients are treated as individuals and we do not need to enter into any contractual arrangement where the products are ordered. Bade Medical Institute is proud to announce that we are the first medical institution to offer free consultations live video teleconference. With this advanced technology, our customers can have personalized consultations in the privacy of their own home with one of our medical advisors.?

Bade Medical Institute

1300 or 1300 36 19 13 76 70 15

+61 2 82721688

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