Company Urges College Students to Stop Taking Aphrodisiac

(PRWEB) October 23, 2004

When Genesis BioTech introduced a liquid aphrodisiac called African Fly on the internet 4 years ago, it was against older couples who wanted a natural alternative to Viagra. They never dreamed it would be all the rage on college campuses.

? It was really just a gag gift until we have seen that worked? Says David (not his real name), a person aged 21 years at George Washington University in Washington, DC. ? Then it seemed like everyone knew about it.?

liquid formula is composed of 7 herbs that are native to Africa. After drinking African Fly ( testosterone production is increased, bound testosterone is released and more blood is directed into the genital area. Here’s how it works in both men and women. Some students refer to African Fly? Creator Horny. “

control center online Fly African peaked in orders from all university campuses across the U.S.. Although there is little or no danger when taking African Fly, the concern is how African Fly is used. ? For years, our clients were men and women who had lost the desire or the ability to have sex. Why a student wants to boost testosterone, which have an ample supply of, is beyond me?, Says V. Prillaman a sales director at Genesis BioTech.

One reason for the use of African Fly by college-aged men is its ability to give the user sexual stamina and overcome premature ejaculation can be a problem for men this age. Another reason could be that it works for women who could be an advantage for couples with students attached.

Genesis BioTech emphasizes that African Fly can not be used as a date rape drug. Although it does mean the user loses his sexual inhibitions, it will not knock someone out or make them want to have sex when they don? T want. The concern is that the effect of accelerating the production and release of testosterone in the body when it is at its peak, for students aged 18 to 23, has not been studied thoroughly.

? A person with a high level of testosterone taking African Fly is like giving a hyperactive person coffee? it just isn? t necessary, “said Prillaman. But so far that hasn? t orders stopped coming in. The campus company is taking steps to inform their customers about the possible effects of the fly African college-age students through their websites and newspapers.

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