CCHR BHM Casts Some Doubt Over Claim 1 in 10 Children Have Mental ‘Disorder’

(PRWEB) September 9, 2005

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights Birmingham (CCHR), the organization I represent, can cast some doubt on the validity of this statement in the press recently that one in ten children suffers from a? mental disorder. “

As professor of social welfare at UCLA states Stuart A. Kirk:

? Freud started this. He made us suspicious behavior that was potentially suffering from psychopathology. As a neurologist, he used the medical language of pathology to suggest that the demands of civilization on our fragile human nature were such as to make us all a little neurotic. “

Psychiatrists not only admit they have no idea what causes these diseases alleged?? they have no scientifically validated evidence that they even exist is more discrete physical illnesses. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (DSM) a text that lists 374 supposed mental disorders, with his companion, the World Health Organization, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision, contains within it diagnostic criteria so vague, subjective and expansive that there may be no single person alive today who, using that standard, would escape being labeled mentally ill. Of course, this is a whole lot more mental ill-health business for psychiatrists.

Professor Stuart Kirk further states:? Because there are no biological tests, markers or known causes of most mental illnesses, which is counted as ill depends almost entirely on frequently changing checklists of behaviors that the DSM considers that the symptoms mental disorder. We get higher estimates of mental disorders in part because the APA continues to add new behaviors and disorders in the manual.

Since 1979, for example, some new problems and categories have been added include panic disorder, caffeine-related disorder, expressive language disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress, social phobia, borderline personality disorder, disorder of gender identity disorders, tobacco dependence, eating disorders, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, identity disorder, acute stress disorder, the sleep disorders, nightmare disorder, rumination disorder, inhibited sexual desire disorders, disorder of written expression, premature ejaculation, male erectile disorder and disorder of the female sexual arousal. If you do not see on this list, do not worry, others are in preparation for the next edition of DSM?.

Psychiatrists literally vote

on what constitutes a mental illness or disorder of hands at a conference. This explains why they can not scientifically define what they treat.


who was diagnosed with? a mental illness? they do not agree with or want more information on psychiatry? manufacture of madness? should contact the online abuse CCHR on 0121 523 8185, the confidence will be protected.

Wrapson Chris (volunteer)

Media Relations

Citizens Commission on Human Rights Birmingham

07793 285 784 or 0121 523 8185

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