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Agoura Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

life was relatively normal for Roxanne as she prepared for the holidays last December. Yes, there was some anxiety at first on two small cysts they found in her left breast, but for the last six months his doctors had been keeping an eye on them. At 51, this native of Washington who had regular mammograms through most of her adult life she felt confident would be great.

What happened

over the next eight months was unimaginable. Night of the diagnosis increased from two to three harmless cysts cancerous tumors require many operations that have caused indescribable pain. Enormous amounts of time was spent fighting for his health. Lost work time and travel to several medical appointments an hour and a half from home and work had its own stress.


Today is healthy, cancer free and even reckless, after such an ordeal. She attributes much of the credit to her fiance?, Daniel and Comfort Quest? S (CQ) Sleeper Pillow Side. Daniel stayed with Roxanne night in the hospital through all his surgeries nurses her back to health. The worst part of his post-surgical recovery, other than the excruciating pain was the feeling of helplessness she had when she could not do anything for herself, including getting the bathroom. Normal things we take for granted were out of reach. There were times when she could not do anything but lie perfectly still in his hospital bed to pray for the pain to subside. Daniel was her rock. It has provided an infinite amount of love, attention and emotional support. CQ? S Sleeper pillow next to her provided with physical comfort, the ability to control his pain, the freedom of increased mobility and independence. More importantly, the pillow breast as long as the quality of healing of a good night? Sleep after surgery, allowing it to rest on his side for the first time in months.

Roxanne was the first cancer patient to receive a pre-published version of the pillow Comfort Quest Side Sleeper cleavage narrow. Comfort Quest, Inc. is the sole supplier of Side Sleeper pillow specifically designed to help women recover and sleep comfortably, after all types of thoracic surgery. The pillow should recover cleavage narrow begin shipping in early July 2011.

? I was on my back last February,? Roxanne said in late May ? It is horrible! I can not get comfortable on my back and if I move the pain is too great. I desperately needed something that would help me sleep comfortably. Daniel was with me in bed but could not? T touch me because my body was riddled with pain. I desperately missed his touch and the ability to roll over in bed to watch him when we spoke.?

Daniel provided the emotional support needed Roxanne, and pillow CQ? s Side Sleeper provided pain management and allowed to ride on the side and looking eye to eye with Daniel for the first time in months.

Throughout these four months of painful procedures, Roxanne was lying on his back. A sleeper next life, Roxanne was extremely uncomfortable and frustrated at having to stay on his back. Then the frustration turned into physical pain when sleeping on his back he lost fluid in his knee. All attempts to correct his knee problem were unsuccessful.

was so she came across a link to blogging while in a chat room for mastectomy patients. ? I’ve always been on the web looking for answers from people who have had similar experiences? said the now 52 years cancer free Roxanne. ? I clicked on the link mastectomy and it was there? Comfort Quest Side Sleeper pillow.?

Roxanne was impressed with the photo and description of CQ? Side Sleeper Pillow s and what it claims to do. She bought it with the hope of resolving some of the problems she had eagerly awaited his arrival and as she had no other options.

days of receipt of the pillow, she received a call from Ben Kass, president of Comfort Quest who was interested in whether the pillow used to their needs. Roxanne shared the problem she had and was pleasantly surprised when Kass has proposed a solution. He overnighted a pre-published version of CQ? Side Sleeper Pillow s cleavage was a close fit over his anatomy and has worked as advertised.

? For the first time in months, I can sleep on my side again? Roxanne beamed. ? My knee hurt and arrested shortly after I immediately found a comfortable position to sleep with the pillow. The second pillow close to the center fits perfectly into my cleavage and is very comfortable. The expanders are no longer a problem and for the first time in a long time I sleep on the side and getting a good night’s sleep after surgery. The pillow has made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep and my life. I never thought this pillow could give me such an emotional lift. This could be a small thing for some people, but it s? Huge for me. Daniel and I can again spoon in bed! We don? T that in recent months. I give all the credit for the pillow. More importantly, I can roll on the bed and watch Daniel as we speak. I could not do before. I don? T realize how much I missed his touch and human contact.?


is now cancer free and I look forward to her breast reconstruction in September.


Quest, Inc. is a company based in Southern California located in Agoura Hills. The Company intends to continue to develop products following surgery for women. The Side Sleeper Pillow is the Society? First product in this category.

For more information:

Ben Kass

(818) 665-2012

Ben (at) mycomfortquest (dot) com



? 2011 Comfort Quest, Inc.

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