5 Simple Ways To Premature Ejaculation Treatment

find a premature ejaculation treatment that works can take a lot of research and trial and error. In this article I will share some of the causes and problems associated with the EP, as well as some of the methods and simple techniques you can use to help you control ejaculation.

premature ejaculation is probably the most common problem torment the sexually active men in the world today. PE is a situation where a person ejaculates too soon, ie before the female partner reaches its peak. A Mans outcome is obtained when the discharge of semen through the penis during the course of sexual relations. Men who ejaculate faster peak too early.

A major problem with premature ejaculation is that it allows either partner to have fun during sex in an appropriate manner. The male is really unhappy because he can keep the pleasurable sensations of sexual interaction for a longer period, and the female partner is not satisfied because she can not her sexual high.

Although premature ejaculation is a condition where the male has an orgasm too quickly, there is no limit to the speed. What I mean is that there is no fixed time limit before which it can be said that the guy is struggling with premature ejaculation.

early definition of PE suggested that men who ejaculate within two minutes of penetration suffer from premature ejaculation, but this definition is now considered redundant simply because an amazing 50% of all males in the world – young and old – are known to orgasm in this particular time, and in most of these cases most women are completely satisfied.

The causes of premature ejaculation are too numerous to list them all completely. Among young men who test out of sex the first time, there can be so much excitement that the release may occur too soon. At times, young men could be the realization of the sexual act in private, and this is a necessity for them to ejaculate quickly.

This can become a habit later in life. Around the world, premature ejaculation is more common in young men. Older men to discover the tricks of the trade better and exercising personal control, they are able to hold off their ejaculation.

men suffering from diseases such as diabetes issues also suffer from premature ejaculation, that is if they can even get an erection either. Diabetes could be a guy impotent, and if so then you will need some additional methods.

Mental stress and tension can also play a role in forcing a man to ejaculate before both partners being fully awake.

Similarly, smokers are well known early to enjoy while having sex. The use of certain drugs – therapeutic, in addition to narcotics – can cause premature ejaculation in a person.

Because premature ejaculation is so widespread in men associated with the generation of today, there are many suggestions available to correct the situation.


One of the essential techniques widely used is the “squeeze” technique. The male – or girlfriend – causes the penis by caresses her. When the trigger is about to happen, the glans of the penis head is pressed with the thumb and forefinger. This particular technique retains the ejaculated sperm to obtain, and the penis becomes soft as the blood is disgorged out of it. Now, after a minute or two, your penis is excited again and squeeze again when the guy is about to cum. If you do this a couple of times through each sexual act, it can increase the level of excitement. So when a guy ejaculates, finally, it will eventually be a large amount of semen.


All the experts stress the need to become fully sexual without stress while practicing sex. When having sex, the person should just focus on the act and not on any substantive issues. Using mind control, an experienced guy can delay climax.


Another technique is to masturbate in a few minutes before intercourse. Masturbation will relieve some of the sexual frustration. In addition, as has happened before ejaculation, the man will take a longer time to ejaculate when having sex with his girlfriend.


Throughout the sexual act, there should be a higher priority placed on the preliminaries. Preliminary means the awakening of real non-genital organs of the body like the nipples, earlobes, neck, thighs and basic contact with the skin itself. Prolong the penetration time as much as possible and focus on other areas of awareness of the body. Talking with your partner during intercourse is also a way to delay orgasm real.


Alcohol was considered – and in fact is still considered by some – to be an answer for premature ejaculation. The best argument in its favor is that alcohol can numb the nerves, and if it can delay ejaculation for a while.

In today’s world, it is not accurate or as recommended. Whether alcohol helps people with premature ejaculation or not, information stands and that is that alcohol is dangerous for health. Therefore, it should be very careful exactly what treatment each time he takes sexual problems like premature ejaculation are affected.

The most important of premature ejaculation is to remember that this is not a disease, it is a malfunction. So, not the amount of drug can be used to “treat” this condition. This is necessary for the protection of advice by charlatans who swindle large sums of money from gullible young men. Just keep in mind that almost every man in the world think he cum too soon during sex, and sex can be better if it is prolonged.

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