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Miami, FL (Vocus / PRWEB) February 22, 2011

Health Center Florida Man

recently opened a health clinic for men second in Aventura / Miami, Florida. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most serious and sensitive medical problems, a man can face. It can destroy self-esteem and ruin relationships. It can reduce a man in good health and success in a state of uncertainty and even clinical depression. The struggle against all physical and psychological problems caused by erectile dysfunction begins with a consultation with a specialist urology license experienced men in Florida? S Health Center.


men? s Health Center is the center of Urology chip for erectile dysfunction in South Florida. There is a shortage of erectile dysfunction Miami area and urology clinics that have the same level of experience and professionalism that men in Florida? S Health Center.

Not only men in Florida? S Health Centre adhere to high level of professionalism, service and treatment, it is the only health clinic for men only in Florida. It is not only important for men with erectile dysfunction to see a urologist at the top, but it is important to see a urologist in a comfortable top. In addition, it is important to talk to someone who has an intimate knowledge of problems can cause the condition.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

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men s health center focuses on three main treatment against erectile dysfunction: intracavernous pharmacotherapy (ICP), oral medications and sexual therapy. As one of the top urology clinics in the country, the center understands that some treatments work best for each patient than other treatments. Doctors and therapists at the center are ready to meet the needs of all patients with the latest treatments in a treatment plan specifically designed for them.

The first aspect of treatment is an intimate discussion of the problem with a doctor. The doctor will then order a series of tests to determine a physical cause. Some of the most common causes include drug use, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, vascular disease, venous leakage, and many psychological disorders. Knowledge, with details on the exact symptoms are used in developing the plan for specialized treatment.


Intravernous (PCI)

ICP is considered the most effective treatment for most men with erectile function. It is also considered the safest treatment available. In addition to erectile dysfunction, the PIC can also treat premature ejaculation. Intracavernous pharmacotherapy was once the most common treatment for ED. Only after the popular oral medications came on the market that the PIC process lost its status as the most common treatment, but many doctors say it is their preferred method for the treatment of ED. In cases in which oral medications can not be used, the PIC is still the number one treatment.

intracavernous pharmacotherapy

uses a combination of vasodilatation drugs that are injected into the body. Vasodilators allow blood to flow easily through the vessels in the penis, making it easier to clog as a natural response to sexual stimulation.

injections are pre-prepared and loaded into a self-applicator. These devices pen, such as allowing patients to perform the injections themselves when they are needed. In most cases, a full erection can be achieved in just a few minutes after the injection. The overall efficiency is over 97 percent.

Oral medications

Today, oral medications are the most popular treatment for erectile dysfunction. The drugs most commonly prescribed oral are Viagra and Cialis. Both drugs allow blood to flow more freely through the penis

Sex Therapy

Many cases of erectile dysfunction are purely psychological. Talk to a licensed therapist is sometimes the only treatment is necessary. In most cases, however, therapy is used as an adjunct to PCI or oral medications.

Other treatments

Several other treatments are available in the fight against erectile dysfunction, and men in Florida? S Health Center is familiar with them all. Some of these other treatments include vacuum pumps, lotions, hormone replacement, and surgery.

In addition to erectile dysfunction, men in Florida? Health Center is also a specialist in providing treatment for premature ejaculation and weight management. Men seek a doctor in the Miami area vasectomy can also visit the center.

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