Top 10 Things to Never Tell a Woman in Bed – Ultimate Top Ten Things to Never Tell a Woman in Bed

We will not tell you again that women love to receive on the pillow each preference, and you discover in your hot nights in company.But some things – even some truths – are not good Soar to say when you under the duvet with your beautiful.Okay, some like it hot, others thought … but to say that most of us do not want to hear this.Afterthe chain up to avoid waking up the first rope to prevent short

call it by another name than his own:. if it is not “sex diva,” “Cindy Crawford with my ego or other nicknames.Basically flattering, do not be fooled by its name, it could make you change your bed. “Yes, yes, I know that baby, it is énooooooooorme!”: Either you laugh at the claim, or we have in common with fear on seeing the beast “Go, stand on Dad’s knees “ We love our family separate from our sex life. thank you “You can close please you distract me there?”. it’s true what … “You are the first” after 30 years, more than he does. “Come on, Ben was not so bad eh ‘thank you you to the debriefing. ” You would not give us a little something to eat now? “. The story full circle “Have you thought about what you, Madame Bovary? Yeah anyway because it is mysterious … “Do not worry, feel guilty about it, most girls who I slept with did not orgasm either”: no joke ? “We are four legs, because Téléfoot will start “: there are sacred words that should never cross the door of the room.

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