Soft Bedding Found to be Hazardous to Infants — Arizona Company Teams with the MISS Foundation for Safer Alternative to Crib Blankets

Anthem, AZ (PRWEB) June 25, 2007

Despite the Consumer Product Safety Commission stating that soft bedding in the crib can be dangerous for babies under 12 months, parents across the country continue to danger without knowing their child’s safety by using blankets, bumper pads and other soft bedding. The risk is unnecessary and the solution is practically ancient in Europe – and welcomed by pediatricians in the United States many health experts and now the MISS Foundation ( , an international organization that supports grieving families after a child’s death and educates on the prevention of infant mortality and education. Earthwalker Design LLC is proud to announce its partnership with the MISS Foundation to promote safer practices for sleeping babies under 12 months of age. Their common goal is to spread the word about the potential risks of soft bedding by offering “sleeping bag” for infant and young child as a safe alternative to standard bed covers. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the MISS Foundation to support their outreach and education by visiting http:/// to place your order.

“Sleep sacks are wearable blankets that can not be expelled or cover the face of a baby,” says Christina Alborn, owner of Design and Earthwalker “Our bags PamperSack sleep ? Not a garment, but are worn over pajamas. They keep a baby warm like a blanket would, but do not cover a baby’s face like soft, loose bedding can. ” sleeping bags have been widely used in Europe for the past 30 years> p .???????????????? Soft bedding, rebreathing and the SIDS factor

Soft bedding has been linked to a condition called “rebreathing.” Rebreathing occurs when bedding molds around or covers the face of a baby in their sleep, creating a stale pocket of expired air eventually reduced to carbon dioxide. Oceanside, CA, based pediatrician Dr. Douglas Stein states, “It has been established that rebreathing, when children breathe their own exhaled air, is a theory associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Laying infants to sleep on back has reduced the incidence of SIDS, but babies can still roll and therefore soft bedding is to be discouraged. ”

“My goal is not to be alarmist or to give parents a false sense of security,” says Alborn. “I firmly believe that to reduce the identified risk factors until we have more information.” Joanne Cacciatore, CEO and founder of the MISS Foundation, echoes the sentiment by stating, “sleeping bags have a choice sense. They were recommended by medical associations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics to reduce mortality bedding. If these products help save the life of a baby, we are grateful. ”

Added convenience for moms and dads

Sleep sacks may also offer better sleep for baby and caregiver. Because babies actually “wear” their coverage, they can sleep while remaining relentlessly covered and warm. A consistent body temperature may help lull a baby to plus one, more restful sleep. “This is a big bonus for a sleep-deprived parent,” Alborn says with a smile. “Safety is always the key, but getting a few extra minutes of sleep is priceless for an exhausted mother or father.”

? is a product of Earthwalker Design, a family owned and operated located in Arizona. Earthwalker Design invites you to learn more about the MISS Foundation to buy a bag or by visiting the website of the MISS Foundation

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