New Book Provides an All-Natural and Permanent Cure for Premature Ejaculation

(PRWEB) August 10, 2005

Masters and Johnson

, move on? it? SA new voice in the wilderness of male sexual problems! For decades, urologists, psychologists and sexologists have pushed the same old tired ideas to deal with premature ejaculation, or PE.

According to recent research, the EP may be the most common form of male sexual dysfunction, affecting more than 30 million men. Some estimates put the figure even higher, because of the suspicion that many men will not respond to these types of surveys honestly. But there is new hope for men who are paralyzed and broken relationships, new hope that it is now possible to stop completely and definitely premature ejaculation .????

In his new book, premature ejaculation :???? New hope for an old problem, Jacob C. Williams exposes the flaws in the theories that have dominated thinking in the industry at this point. He then reveals the true cause of PE, and guides the reader in an easy step by step healing. In a few weeks, the player is on his way to a successful sex life and natural as it may never be known.

Williams said, we have to face something:? if the same remedies that have been around since the last 40 years really worked (as the technique of stop-start, or ??????? compression technique), so why is there still so many men suffer from this problem? The reality is that they n? T work. It does.?

According to Williams, the fundamental flaw in the theory? s held up to this point is that too many things are given the blame for causing direct climax. For example,? Performance anxiety? is the leading theory of the cause of PE. ?? But Williams points out, this is an emotion? How to cause a climax of emotion? Something was missing in the theory of .??

The good news for men out there who suffer from this problem is that Williams has found the missing link, so to speak, between the emotion and the height, and found a way to deal with it. And, he points out, it? S natural? the ability of pills, no sprays, creams or lotions, just your body? s natural to break old habits and learn new habits.

If Williams had his way, all men who suffer from PE have this book. As a former victim himself, he knows the devastating effect that has on the EP all areas of life. ? The effect of the PE extends far beyond the bedroom?, He said. ? Learning to be sexually successful changes the way a man sees himself in all aspects of its interaction with the world. It? Change SA men have the experience to fully understand .?? p

If you? are interested in having a copy of this book new dynamic, you can find it on, or you can order it directly from the CAS to Edition. Mr. Williams? Don? T wait. This issue is too important in your life to turn off another day .??

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